17 Best Apps to Learn Polish the Smart Way in 2022

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Did you know that over 50 million people in the world speak Polish? Most speakers come from Poland. But this Slavic language is a lingua franca in many parts of Europe and beyond.

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably interested in learning the language, too. And the fastest way to do that is through your smartphone – with these awesome apps to learn Polish!

Top picks of apps to learn Polish

Polish, with its 32-letter alphabet, confusing pronunciation, and complex gender systems, is not an easy language to learn. Thankfully, the upcoming list of 15 apps makes it more manageable and fun.

Here are some of our top picks:

  • Babbel is definitely one of the best apps to learn Polish.
  • The Pimsleur app will help you speak in Polish with ease.
  • You can find affordable Polish tutors on the italki app.
  • For bite-sized vocabulary lessons, try Drops.
The Polish flag

Why learn Polish?

But first, why learn Polish? I have a few good reasons for you.

In addition to being the official language of Poland, Polish or Polski is also the sixth most spoken language in the European Union. It is spoken in countries like Germany, Lithuania, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, and so many others.

That alone is enough reason for you to start learning Polish but the language also helps you with the following:

  • Learn about the rich Polish culture and history
  • Learn more about Eastern Europe, where Polish is a widely spoken language
  • Gain access to other Slavic languages
  • Read Polish literature, which sadly is not often translated
  • Get better career opportunities, especially in Europe

Naprzód! And in case you didn’t know, that’s Polish for let’s go!

Ready to dive in?

Overall best apps to learn Polish

1. Babbel

Learn Polish with Babbel

Learn Polish with Babbel

Babbel is an award-winning language learning app and is one of the best apps to learn Polish. The courses, which are broken down into digestible blocks, are designed to practice listening, speaking, and writing skills.

You get to study the language and culture side-by-side with real-life lessons. This means you’ll be learning Polish that is practical and ready for use when traveling or speaking with Polish friends.

Babbel courses best suit beginners and intermediate learners. There are even a couple of courses for newcomers where you can learn absolute basics like how to say yes, no, hello, goodbye, and how to introduce yourself.

The grammar and vocabulary lessons are concise and practical, featuring special courses on the Polish alphabet, idioms, holidays and traditions, and expressions one might need when traveling in Poland or Europe.

Why you should try Babbel:

  • No prior Polish background required
  • A wide variety of exercises to learn Polish
  • Learning Polish with cultural context
  • A diversified and interactive way to learn Polish grammar, vocabulary, and writing
  • Review mode uses interactive flashcards

Pricing: Plans start at $12.95/month or $6.95/month for a 12-month subscription. Get the latest discounts here.

Devices: iOS and Android

2. Mondly

Learn Polish with the Mondly app

Learn Polish with Mondly

For those looking for a variety of exercises to learn Polish, including immersive ones, Mondly is a great option. This app currently supports 41 languages, including Polish, which you can learn in any combination and not necessarily in English.

On Mondly, you can learn Polish through daily bite-sized lessons, vocabulary quizzes and challenges, audio guides, and chatbot conversations. You can even get more immersive through its augmented reality lessons.

The learning structure is highly gamified, with lessons laid out like a map. Think Candy Crush but for learning Polski!

Why you should try Mondly:

  • Ideal for vocabulary building
  • Short but engaging Polish lessons
  • Great complementary tool for learning Polish alongside other resources

Pricing: Limited free version. To unlock all content, you can subscribe for $9.99/month or $47.99 for a year. Find the latest Mondly promo here.

Devices: iOS and Android

3. Pimsleur

Use Pimsleur app to learn Polish

Try Pimsleur Polish absolutely FREE today

Anyone who has had to learn a new language must have encountered Pimsleur at some point. This classic language learning program has been around for over 50 years.

Its learning method specializes in audio lessons that follow SRS (spaced repetition system). The premise is simple: you will hear new Polish words at gradually increasing intervals. Each time, you will remember the words longer than the time before.

The Pimsleur Polish course features real-world vocabulary and teaches you to speak Polish in a fluid, natural way. Audio lessons can be complemented with flashcards, games, and bonus learning materials. It’s undoubtedly one of the best ways to start speaking Polish right from the first day.

Why you should try Pimsleur:

  • Lots of Polish speaking and listening practice
  • Learn to speak Polish from day 1
  • Building practical vocabulary
  • Learning Polish on-the-go

Pricing: Pimsleur subscription is $14.95/month for Audio-Only; $19.95/month for Premium (with Bonus Materials), or $20.95/month for All Access. Start your full access, 7-day free trial.

Devices: iOS and Android

4. Ling App

Learn Polish with Ling App

Ling App promises to take only 10 minutes of your day. In this short amount of time, you’ll be learning to read, write, and speak Polish in a way that’s fun and interactive.

One of the most user-friendly apps to learn Polish, Ling uses a variety of mini-games and fun learning techniques that make it easy for you to get immersed in the language. You will learn the Polish alphabet, useful grammar, and build your vocab bank with flashcards, word quizzes, puzzles, and more.

You can practice your listening and speaking skills through the app’s chatbot and by listening to recordings of native speakers. This app is also one of the most comprehensive as it covers topics that are perfect not just for beginners but also for advanced learners.

Why you should try Ling App:

  • Learn Polish through fun mini-games, flashcards, challenges, and interactive games
  • User-friendly interface
  • Vocabulary, grammar, Polish alphabet, and more
  • Courses for all fluency levels

Pricing: Free access to introductory units. Get complete access to the Pro version for as low as $4/month.

Devices: iOS and Android

5. italki

Find Polish tutors on italki

Find affordable Polish tutors on italki

If you’re a newbie Polish learner, you might be tempted to study on your own using only free apps. Nothing wrong with that, a lot of free apps offer excellent material.

But if you’re in it for the long haul and want to get the most out of your learning journey, getting private Polish lessons from a native speaker is worth spending on. That’s what you get with italki.

There are about 150 Polish teachers on italki. You can sign up for lessons with a professional teacher, certified tutors who can help you with structured learning. Or you can get lessons from a community tutor, a native Polish speaker who can help you with general conversations. Community tutors typically charge lower.

But regardless of which type you choose, you will learn to speak Polish almost right away.

Lessons happen on Skype or the italki Classroom. The schedule is flexible as you can have lessons on the days and hours that you prefer.

Why you should try italki:

  • Get coaching from native Polish speakers regardless of your skill level
  • Customized Polish lessons
  • Get quick feedback while studying Polish

Pricing: Varies depending on teachers, starting from $4 a lesson. Try it now.

Devices: iOS and Android

6. Rosetta Stone

Learn Polish with the Rosetta Stone App

Learn Polish with Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone believes that the goal of language learning isn’t just acquiring random words but understanding what they mean and being able to participate in real-life conversations.

This is exactly what this app does. Rosetta Stone teaches Polish in context while encouraging learners to speak and practice in immersive learning environments that mimic the situations you’ll likely encounter.

Another great thing about this app is that it places emphasis on how Polish speech sounds. Rosetta Stone has a speech recognition called TruAccent that fine-tunes your pronunciation by comparing your voice to that of native and non-native Polish speakers. You’ll be speaking Polish like a local in no time!

Why you should try Rosetta Stone:

  • Practice common Polish conversational phrases with real-life context
  • Perfect your Polish pronunciation with its patented speech recognition engine
  • BIte-sized lessons that are personalized to your fluency level

Pricing: Starts at $7.99/month. Find the latest Rosetta Stone Polish promo here

Devices: iOS and Android

Fun and interactive apps to learn Polish

7. Duolingo

Duolingo is an app to learn Polish and other languages

Learn Polish with Duolingo

Duolingo has mastered the art of gamifying language learning. Now with almost 40 languages and a time-tested method for learning languages, it’s one of the best free apps to learn Polish.

The Polish course for English speakers has almost 950,000 learners. You can learn Polish for as short as five minutes a day with game-like lessons.

These bite-sized lessons focus on vocabulary and some grammar but don’t expect to be fluent with just this app. It’s great for beginners though, and for advanced learners who need mental practice.

Why you should try Duolingo:

  • Fun, gamified environment
  • Learn Polish in as short as five minutes per day
  • Brush up on existing Polish knowledge

Pricing: The free app is sufficient for most users. For ad-free and offline access, plus unlimited mistakes, sign up for Duolingo Plus for $6.99/month.

Devices: iOS and Android

8. Drops

Grow Polish vocabulary with Drops

Learn Polish with Drops

If quick Polish vocabulary building in a visually appealing interface is what you’re looking for, you should download Drops.

Drops teaches Polish in a gamified and visual way. The free app lets you play for five minutes a day, helping you learn new words and phrases quickly. Using catchy illustrations for better recall, it’s one of the most beautifully designed apps to learn Polish.

The 5-minute gameplay limit is a double-edged sword – it feels too short so you end up craving for more lessons, but at the same time, you have no excuse to not learn anything new each day. You don’t even have to type because you only need to drag and drop words to their matching graphics.

The only downside is that Drops focuses on vocabulary only. There are no grammar lessons here. But you do get some listening practice from the pronunciation guides.

Why you should try Drops:

  • Gamified way to learn Polish
  • Quick, bite-sized vocabulary lessons that can complement other courses
  • Learning through memory association
  • Refresher lessons for casual or intermediate learners

Pricing: Five minutes of gameplay for free. For ad-free lessons and unlimited learning time, get the premium plan which starts at $2.99/month.

Devices: iOS and Android

9. Memrise

Learn Polish with Memrise

Learn Polish with Memrise

Memrise is one of the most popular ways to learn Polish or any language for that matter. And with good reason.

The free app combines all the helpful features of a good language learning app: real-life vocabulary, naturally-voiced audio and video clips, and easy-to-digest lessons. Like Drops, Memrise doesn’t teach grammar but places more importance on building the confidence to speak.

The Memrise-branded Polish 1-7 courses are highly recommended. This covers self-introduction, colloquial Polish expressions, and categories like shopping, sports, science, and many more. There are also plenty of user-made flashcard decks that range from common greetings to dating and even curse words!

Why you should try Memrise:

  • Learn practical Polish vocabulary
  • Strengthen listening and speaking skills
  • Supplementary lessons for those who are already learning Polish through other sources

Pricing: The free version is good enough for casual learners. Premium membership starts at $5/month.

Devices: iOS and Android

5. Busuu

Busuu app to learn Polish

Learn Polish with Busuu

One of the best apps to learn Polish, Busuu provides a speedy, structured, and social way to study Polish.

Busuu promises that you can start speaking Polish in just 10 minutes a day. The lessons are also systematic, following a structured study plan based on when you want to learn Polish and for how long. Busuu then sends you notifications and progress reports to keep you motivated.

But what sets this language app apart is the Conversations feature that lets you send Polish writing or speaking exercises to native speakers who can give you feedback. The Vocabulary Review is also a cool feature.

Why you should try Busuu:

  • No need to commit to long hours of studying
  • Practical writing and speaking exercises
  • Structured learning
  • Speaking practice with native Polish speakers

Pricing: Select features are available for free. Premium membership starts at €9.99. Try it now.

Devices: iOS and Android

Best apps to learn Polish vocabulary

11. Clozemaster

Clozemaster is great for intermediate learners

Learn Polish with Clozemaster

If Duolingo is the gamified language app for absolute beginners, Clozemaster is the one for those who have already progressed in their studies.

Clozemaster strengthens your Polish vocabulary and contextual comprehension by exposing you to thousands of Polish sentences. Your task? Fill in the gaps with the right words to score points and win the game. It sounds easy but if you don’t have prior Polish knowledge, it’ll be tricky to get started.

Once you get the hang of it though, the listening, reading, and grammar exercises will become quite addicting, especially with the app’s nostalgic design. You also get to master words and sentences through spaced repetition.

Why you should try Clozemaster:

  • Master Polish vocabulary
  • Great for intermediate and advanced learners who are learning through other apps, books, or courses
  • Competitive learning

Pricing: Free to sign up and play, but advanced features and stats are available with Clozemaster Pro, which starts at $8/month.

Devices: iOS and Android

12. Learn Polish – 15,000 Words

Learn Polish with Funeasylearn

Learn Polish with FunEasyLearn

Learn Polish by FunEasyLearn is one of the niftiest apps to learn Polish for kids and adults alike. It’s free and available offline, too!

This app effectively combines its collection of Polish words and commonly used Polish phrases with various exercises. This allows learners to read a word or phrase, pronounce it correctly, associate it with an illustration and practice it with listening, writing, and speaking games. Plus, audio recordings are spoken by native Polish speakers.

The best part? You can learn Polish from 61 native languages so you don’t have to start from English.

Why you should try Learn Polish – 15,000 Words:

  • Build useful vocabulary through a variety of activities
  • Learn Polish on the go and offline
  • Specialized courses for business, travel, and kids

Pricing: Free. Premium subscription starts at $2.99/month.

Devices: iOS and Android

13. Innovative Language 101

Innovative101 app

Learn Polish with Innovative Language 101

Innovative Language 101 is one of the best apps to learn Polish if you’re particularly looking to build your conversational skills. The app has a wealth of new and archived audio and video Polish lessons covering absolute beginners to advanced levels.

The free app provides new lessons every week for life! That’s because the people behind Innovative Language continue to churn out content. The lessons, spoken by native teachers, can be as short as three minutes or as long as 15 minutes.

You also get free offline access, daily vocabulary lessons delivered to your email daily, and syncing in between devices.

Why you should try Innovative Language 101:

  • Extensive audio and video lessons
  • Build practical Polish vocabulary
  • Strengthen listening and speaking skills

Pricing: Some features are free. Paid access starts at $7.99/month.

Devices: iOS and Android

14. Quizlet

Quizlet is a flashcard app

Learn Polish with Quizlet

Quizlet is a popular flashcard application that caters not just to language learners but also to students who are taking exams.

The concept is simple. You can learn Polish using existing flashcard decks. Or you can create your own collection of Polish words and phrases to study, practice, and remember.

You can study using different modes of reviewing such as Learn, Write, and the time-bound Match. You can even help out a fellow learner by sharing your flashcards.

Quizlet is based on the old-school method of memorizing words through flashcards. But this time, you can study anywhere and anytime using only your smartphone. It’s handy and best of all, it’s free.

Why you should try Quizlet:

  • Build Polish vocabulary, the time-tested way
  • A huge collection of decks available for you
  • Added option of creating your own decks
  • Enhance your review with custom images and audio

Pricing: Free with limited features. For ad-free and offline access, and additional features, get Quizlet Plus for $35.99/year.

Devices: iOS and Android

15. LingQ

Use LingQ to learn Polish

Learn Polish with LingQ

Last on this list of great apps to learn Polish is LingQ, and it’s one of the most immersive ways to learn Polish. LingQ combines lots of resources for you to learn and immerse yourself in Polish – from books to podcasts to news and entertainment.

You will be learning through audio, video, and written content. Audio and video contents come with matching transcripts for you to study. You can even import your own content and convert it instantly into interactive Polish lessons. This helps you learn in context, but you can also learn through spaced repetition.

In addition to this library of lessons, LingQ also has a dictionary that contains over 8 million translations plus integrations from popular Polish dictionaries.

Why you should try LingQ:

  • Unstructured learning environment for self-motivated learners
  • Learn in context
  • Lots of listening, speaking, and reading practice
  • Build Polish vocabulary
  • Supplementary materials for intermediate and advanced learners

Pricing: Limited features are available for free. Premium access starts at $7.99/month.

Devices: iOS and Android

Best apps to learn to speak Polish

16. Tandem

Master Polish with Tandem

Learn Polish with Tandem

Any language learner will agree that learning a language is easier and more fun when you’re able to talk to a native speaker. Thanks to apps like Tandem, you can do just that.

Tandem is a language exchange app. The app lets you teach a language while also learning one. For example, if you speak Spanish and you wish to learn Polish, your ideal language partner will be someone who speaks Polish and wants to learn Spanish. You learn a language, plus you’ll be making new friends!

You might be thinking, I should know a bit of Polish to start using this app. Well, yes and no. Prior knowledge is ideal but even if you’re a complete beginner, you can use the translate feature or ask your partner if you can use a common language like English at first.

The best thing about Tandem is its huge database. There are lots of language learners around the world, so you will definitely find a good partner who can help you with Polish.

Why you should try Tandem:

  • Collaborative language learning
  • Meet new people and learning about new cultures
  • Caters to learners of all levels

Pricing: Free. Tandem Pro starts at $9.99/month and gives you unlimited translations, ad-free usage, and lets you find language partners in the same city.

Devices: iOS and Android

17. HelloTalk

Use HelloTalk to find Polish language buddies

Learn Polish with HelloTalk

HelloTalk is almost the same as Tandem in terms of functionality and purpose. This language exchange app supports 150+ languages, including Polish, and has over 30 million users.

Apart from its massive community of language learners with whom you can chat via text, voice, and video, HelloTalk also has intuitive language tools. It comes with a built-in translation feature, pronunciation, transliteration, and corrections.

What sets HelloTalk from Tandem is the Moments feature. It allows a user to share an update or ask a question about language, culture, or travel for native speakers to see and comment on. You’re literally connected to millions of native speakers at once!

Why you should try HelloTalk:

  • Communicate with and learning from native Polish speakers
  • Learn about Polish culture from native speakers
  • Learn in a social environment

Pricing: Free with in-app purchases to unlock other features like adding more than one language.

Devices: iOS and Android

Top tips for learning Polish

Learn Polish with an app

Regardless of which app you use to learn Polish, your progress ultimately depends on your motivation and discipline. Here are some tips to stay on track:

Learn the Polish writing system.

As with any language that has its unique alphabet, starting with this makes sense. This is especially true for Polish, a Slavic language that is notorious for consonant clusters and diacritics (i.e. accents, strokes, etc.).

If you are completely new to diacritics, it’s very important that you practice writing and reading first before even thinking of studying grammar.

Read Polish literature

And nope, I don’t mean classics by Stanisław Lemor Adam Mickiewicz, although no one will stop you from doing that. You can improve your reading skills by starting with children’s books or online articles or even Polish subtitles on YouTube videos.

Immerse yourself in Polish spoken content

Train your ears to the sound of native Polish speakers. Constant exposure will help you recognize more words and phrases, as well as get used to the accent. You can listen to Polish music, podcasts, or watch Polish shows on Netflix.

Practice, practice, practice

Don’t settle with just hearing. The fastest way to get speaking is to actually speak.

If you’re not around native speakers, you can just speak to yourself. Repeat what you hear and say it aloud to increase confidence.

Use one or two apps only at a time

Determine what your learning goal is and then pick an app that meets that goal. Stick with one or two so that you don’t overwhelm yourself with information.

Invest in online courses or tutors

These apps to learn Polish are useful and convenient. But online courses and Polish tutors give you the coaching and feedback that you often won’t get from these apps. Complement them with Polish learning books, and you’re good to go.

Sure, they cost more, but you get what you pay for.  

Did you find what you need from this list of top-notch apps to learn Polish? Or are you already using any of these apps? Chime in on the comments!

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