10 Best Spanish Translator Apps for Spanish Learners [2022]

As a Spanish learner and avid traveler, I can say with confidence that having a reliable Spanish translator app makes life easier whether it be on the street of Madrid when you’re asking for directions, or when you’re trying to write an essay in Spanish and need help to get over some writer’s block! 

However, choosing a Spanish translator app can be tricky. With so many options on the market, which one should you pick? Let me help you out.

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The advantages of translator apps 

Compared to conventional translation tools like phrasebooks and dictionaries, translator apps are much more convenient to access. What’s more, while dictionaries and phrasebooks (both physical and online) are able to offer a rudimentary understanding of words and phrases, a good translator app is much more functional in real-world scenarios. 

Apart from becoming increasingly accurate, most translator apps also offer translations in a variety of different methods. Voice-to-text translation, for one, not only saves time by eliminating the need to type out words or phrases, it also helps the user learn how to properly pronounce a translated word. 

Girl use app to translate Spanish

Things to consider when downloading a translator app

What makes a good Spanish translator app? It all depends on what you want to prioritize. For example, if you regularly communicate in Spanish, you may want an app that offers translations for bilingual conversations. If you’re looking for a translator app that can complement your learning, you would want an app that is more holistic in nature. 

However, some of the common things to look out for in Spanish translation apps are:

Coverage: Some Spanish translator apps come with geographical limitations. So even if you’re able to use it in one location, you may find the app not being up to standard when you’re traveling in a different country

Usability: Is the app easy to use? Some translator apps come with complex interfaces that make it a challenge to properly use. For a good experience, find an app that is easy to understand and simple to navigate. 

Functionality: Not all translator apps are built the same. Some offer a wider range of languages and dialects while others specialize in certain translation models. Find an app that caters to your needs. 

Pricing: Finally, an important factor to consider when looking at translator apps is whether or not you are able to properly use them without having to pay exuberant subscription fees. 

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the 10 best Spanish translator apps on the market right now! 

Best Spanish translator apps to download now

1. Google Translate

Google Translate app

Of all the Spanish translator apps available right now, it’s safe to say that none are as well-known as the ever-present Google Translate. While it’s true that there have been times when Google Translate produces slightly inaccurate results with certain languages, I find that their English-Spanish translation is actually quite reliable. Trust me, while I was studying Spanish, Google Translate had come to my rescue on a number of occasions. 

However, did you know that the Google Translate app offers many more features compared to the website? For example, you can speak into the microphone or simply point your camera at certain signage and the app will translate in real-time.

But perhaps the best feature of the Google Translate app is that you can access it without any internet connection! However, this only applies to only about half of the 103 supported languages. Thankfully, Spanish is one of them! 

What I like about Google Translate:

  • Supports over 100 languages in the form of text translation
  • Offline access (certain languages including Spanish)
  • Instant camera and imported photos translation
  • Tried and tested platform that delivers quality Spanish-English translations

For IOS, Android, and web browser

Price: Free

2. iTranslate

itranslate app

iTranslate is another Spanish translator app that receives plenty of rave reviews. Being extremely easy to navigate, this user-friendly app prides itself on its amazingly convenient (and accurate) voice-to-text translation. 

One special feature about iTranslate that I particularly liked when trying out the app was the “Favorites” feature. Basically, you have the option of logging some common phrases and translations into your Favourites section and access them later on. This is pretty useful for users who may need to remember certain words or for Spanish learners who’d like to revisit and revise certain phrases. 

The app is free-to-use for the most part but you can also upgrade to a premium subscription to enjoy the full spectrum of features. 

What I like about iTranslate:

  • Accurate voice-to-text translations
  • Includes different Spanish dialects
  • Comes with an in-app dictionary and thesaurus
  • Favorites section

For IOS, Android, and web browser

Price: From $3 per month. iTranslate Pro offers an Offline Mode, translation for real-time voice conversations and websites, and removes ads from the app.

3. Microsoft Translator (Personal)

Microsoft Translator

In this day and age, having apps that can work without connecting to stable WiFi is a godsend. Microsoft Translator is another one of the many awesome Spanish translator apps that provide exactly this! As long as you download the required language packs beforehand, you’ll be able to translate on-the-go even without a network connection. 

What’s more, this humble translator comes with an extremely useful feature: a real-time conversation translator! I personally tried it out myself and found that the Spanish-English translation for this feature works like an absolute charm! Basically, you’ll have two microphone icons on a split-screen, each representing one language. Speak after tapping the icon that corresponds to the language you’re speaking and the app will automatically translate it when you’re done! Perfect for those who want to practice conversations in Spanish! 

The translator is also available as a Smartwatch app, for both iOS and Android, making it easily accessible for on-the-go travelers.

What I like about Microsoft Translate:

  • Split-screen mode allows users to have bilingual conversations in real-time
  • Contains a phrasebook of verified translations and some pronunciation guides
  • Download languages for offline translation

For IOS, Android, and web browser

Price: The personal version is free-to-use

4. Yandex Translate

Yandex Translate

Another alternative useful “all-in-one” Spanish translator app that you can consider getting is Yandex Translate. Like the previous entries on this list, the app provides a diverse spectrum of translation programs, covering over 90 languages, including a few which you can download and access for free while offline (and yes, Spanish is one of them). 

It comes with the usual text, voice, and real-time photo translations including the ability to translate entire websites directly in the app. It also comes with a Favorites section where you can save your most commonly-used translations for quick access or simply to jolt your memory. 

What I like about Yandex Translate:

  • Offers translations in a wide range of languages (both online and offline)
  • Ability to translate entire sites using the app
  • Allows users to store common phrases for future use

For IOS, Android, and web browser

Price: Free

5. SayHi


One aspect of Spanish translation that is often overlooked is the numerous different dialects that exist within the language. While there usually isn’t too much of a difference between Spanish dialects, there are certain nuances and terms that vary in meaning. SayHi is one of the few Spanish translator apps that offer translations in various Spanish dialects, making it a truly indispensable companion either on your travels or on your journey to mastering the language. 

Unlike most of the other Spanish translation apps on this list, SayHi is a fully audio translator. Once you speak into your device, the app will translate your speech into Spanish (or vice versa) and transcribes it accurately to be heard and seen by the person you are communicating with. You can even modify the speed at which the translated speech is expressed by the app! The best part? The app is completely free! 

What I like about SayHi Translate:

  • Simple, uncluttered interface that is easy to use
  • Includes various Spanish dialects in translation software
  • Ability to customize speech settings such as playback speed and voice

For IOS, Android, and web browser

Price: Free

6. Vocre


Vocre is another Spanish translator app that helps facilitate bilingual conversations through voice translation. Like SayHi, simply speak into your device using the language of your choice and the app will convert into Spanish and vice versa.

You can also make use of the text translation to translate words and then click the play button to have it pronounced aloud. I find this super helpful in helping users avoid mispronunciations and awkward situations. 

Available on both IOS and Android, Vocre supports 59 languages, with Spanish being one of the best programs on the app. 

What I like about Vocre:

  • Fun way to have a conversation with someone
  • Simple, straightforward interface makes for easy navigation
  • Comes with a pronunciation guide

For IOS, Android, and web browser (download portal)

Price: Free

7. TextGrabber


When it comes to Spanish translator apps, it’s safe to say that, sometimes, functionality trumps everything else. Sometimes all we really need is an app that can provide quick and accurate translations for basic information. That’s where TextGrabber comes in. 

Developed specifically with travelers in mind, TextGrabber specializes in providing real-time translations for common words and phrases found on road signage, menus, and even maps. Using your phone camera, the app scans and translates Spanish into English (or any other language of your choice) and then saves these translations for future use. You don’t even need to take a photograph for it to work! If you’re learning Spanish, this is also a quick and easy way to pick up useful vocabulary. 

While it doesn’t provide as many features as some other Spanish translator apps, TextGrabber certainly gets the job done where it matters most. The only real downside to this app is that it only allows you three chances to use it as a free trial before a monthly subscription is required. 

What I like about TextGrabber:

  • Innovative real-time translation technology digitizes and translates words quickly and accurately
  • Offers more than 100 languages, including 10 of which are available offline
  • Translations are automatically stored in an archive for future use

For IOS, Android, and web browser (download portal)

Price: From $2/month

8. TripLingo


Another travel-centric Spanish translator app that deserves your attention is TripLingo. The app offers a plethora of translation features (text, image, voice etc.) in 42 languages and even includes specific slang phrases that can help you better understand the local lingo. You can even get connected to a live translator to help you out of a sticky situation should the unthinkable happen. 

However, TripLingo isn’t just your day-to-day Spanish translator. It’s a holistic pocket-sized travel companion. Apart from being able to convert Spanish into a language of your choice, this handy app also contains a tip calculator, currency converter, and even Spanish flashcards and dictionaries to offer users an immersive experience. It’s an all-in-one Spanish learning app that more than deserves a spot on your device! 

What I like about TripLingo:

  • Provides useful phrases and professionally recorded audio files to help users speak the language
  • Comes with a Spanish dictionary
  • Access to a live translator 
  • Provides additional features such as a currency converter and tip calculator

For IOS, Android, and web browser (download portal)

Price: From $19.99/month for premium features and full access

9. SpanishDict


If you’re in the midst of learning Spanish as a second language, then I recommend getting SpanishDict to complement your journey. Apart from being an efficient Spanish translator app and bilingual dictionary, SpanishDict also provides information on verb conjugations, an important element of Spanish for any learner to master. 

Besides that, the app also comes with a “Word of The Day” feature and a phrasebook that records commonly-used phrases, helping you to pick up useful vocabulary along the way. You could also play a simple game to improve your word bank! 

What I like about Vocre:

  • Full Spanish-English dictionary 
  • Provides lessons on Spanish conjugation
  • Grammatically accurate translations 

For IOS, Android, and web browser

Price: Free

10. Speak & Translate (iOS Exclusive)

Speak & Translate

Most Spanish translator apps are available for use on both Apple and Android devices. However, if you have an iPhone and would like a seamless translator app that syncs to your iCloud, then consider Speak & Translate. 

The app covers over 100 languages for text translations and more than 50 for text-to-speech translations. The best part about the app is that it syncs your translation history across all your devices through iCloud. 

What I like about Speak & Translate:

  • Quick and accurate voice translation
  • A wide range of supported languages
  • iCloud integration 
  • Allows users to customize voice translator settings

For iOS and web browser (download portal)

Price: From $6.99 per month


And there you have it, 10 amazing Spanish translator apps! Whether you’re trying to improve your Spanish learning experience or traveling to a Spanish-speaking country, it’s always handy to have one (or a few of these) with you.

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