12 Best Websites to Find Russian Tutors Online

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Learning Russian is, without a doubt, a fascinating and often frustrating roller-coaster ride. Despite the many amazing apps, books, and other resources to learn Russian, there are certain aspects of the language that is best understood with the help of Russian tutors online.

Don’t know where to begin? Thankfully, there are excellent websites where you can find your perfect Russian tutor online. This list is all you need to get started.

Why Russian tutors online?

Close the gap between your native language and Russian

If you aren’t a Slavic speaker, Russian might surprise you with a completely different way of sentence structuring. For instance, while an English speaker would say “I’m in pain”, the Russian equivalent would be “мне больно”; literally meaning “to me painfully”. I have realized (not so painfully) that Russian pushes you to think differently about how you perceive your surroundings linguistically. The transition towards that mindset is not always a piece of cake, but a good Russian tutor can certainly be a great ally during your “Russification”.

Grammar mentor and speaking practise

Let’s take the example of “говорить” and “сказать”. Both verbs mean “to talk”. But how do they differ? How do you decode idioms like “κогда рак на горе свистнет” (when the lobster whistles)? When you are writing a letter or an essay, are you manoeuvering correctly the six cases? Are you using correctly contextualized vocabulary? Is your pronunciation understandable? Instead of spending numerous hours trying to sort this out on your own, a Russian tutor can give you direct feedback and precise tips to work on your weaknesses.

Tailor-made private or group lessons

There are plenty of websites that provide you access to a vast network of experienced online Russian tutors who can personalize your learning program according to your goals and timeline. However, if you like learning collectively, like me, there is no shortage of excellent online group courses where you can put your speaking skills to use. It is also a great way to motivate yourself to keep studying.

Without further ado, here are 12 websites to find the perfect online Russian tutor!

Websites to find online Russian tutors

1. Italki

Russian tutors on italki

With over 600 Russian-speaking professional teachers and community tutors, Italki provides an extensive network of online Russian tutors that is hard to trump.

Through their user-friendly platform, you are introduced to each tutor with the languages they teach and speak, their hourly and trial lesson rates. For Russian, you will find native speakers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan (and generally former Soviet Union states). However, don’t hesitate to also consider expert non-native speakers! They could potentially understand your learning journey better and how to overcome challenges you might face with Russian.

For each tutor, you can also check out their introductory video and a calendar with their availabilities. An intro to their teaching method and the material can help you grasp how their lessons are structured as well. While you scan their profile, keep in mind the lesson-to-student ratio to gauge the rate of returning students. Reviews are also available on their profiles, indicating the number of lessons that the reviewer has attended.

Best features of Italki:

  • Flexible pay-per lesson model.
  • Online lessons through Skype or other platforms.
  • Most teachers offer tailored lessons, focusing for example on speaking, grammar, or writing.
  • Italki community where you can find a language exchange partner for free.

Prices: Unbeatable prices, starting with $4 per lesson. An hourly lesson with a professional Russian teacher averages $10-$12. Find your Russian tutor on Italki now.

2. Preply

Russian tutors on Preply

Connecting over 1300 Russian tutors online with students and Russian learners, Preply certainly gives you access to an impressive span of choices and flexibility.

Each teacher appears in your search results with a short blurb providing information about their teaching background and why you should choose them. You can watch their introductory videos, check out their availabilities, read student reviews, take a look at their resume and the type of specialty lessons they offer.

You can narrow down your search according to your hourly budget, other languages tutors speak, or whether Russian is their mother tongue. Preply also offers a broader choice of filters regarding specialized lessons, such as focusing on business Russian, Russian for children, preparation for a TORFL certification, or opting for intensive lessons.

Best features of Preply:

  • The network of over 1300 teachers to tailor your lessons to your budget, time zone, learning goals, and needs.
  • Lessons can take place at Preply Space, Skype, and other video platforms.
  • Preply Space offers access to Library, Whiteboard, and Notes tools for increased productivity.
  • If you prefer to pay in bundles, Preply’s payment model is based on offering packages of 5, 10, 15 and 20 hours.

Prices: You can try out different tutors with irresistibly affordable trial lessons. Actual lessons start from $5 and average $15. Find a tutor on Preply now.

3. Fluent City

Language tutor on Fluent City

As my buddy Aristotle noticed, we humans are (usually) social animals. Therefore, you might find learning Russian with other people more fun and effective. In that case, Fluent City is the perfect option for you. Fluent City offers group courses in bundles for different fluency levels as well as one-to-one lessons with professional online Russian tutors.

As a noobie, you can start with Level 1, where you will learn how to use the propositional and nominative case for nouns and adjectives, basic spelling rules, number and gender agreement. By the end of Level 1 you will know how to present yourself in Russian, talk about your family and your hobbies.

In Level 2 you will start widening your vocabulary, tackle the beast of the six Russian cases, wield the power of the past tense, and decline nouns, adjectives, and pronouns. This level will enable you to talk about your everyday life and activities, the time, and dates.

In Level 3 you will jump more thoroughly into the past and future tense, conditionals, the imperfective and perfective forms of verbs. As a result, you will be able to talk confidently about past experiences, future plans and hold casual conversations.

Best features of Fluent City:

  • Every Level includes 20 hours of lessons with professional instructors who embrace a speaking-centric style.
  • Group lessons take place over 10 weeks, two hours each week either with one or two lessons.
  • Private Russian lessons are offered for every fluency level.

Prices: 20-hour group lesson bundles cost $399 while private lessons start at $32 per hour.

4. Verbling

Russian tutors on Verbling

If you are looking for an online Russian tutor platform in between Italki and Preply, Verbling will bring you the best of both worlds.

As with these two previous websites, you can find online Russian tutors through a variety of filters. For example, are you looking for a native Russian speaker who is also proficient in, let’s say, Lithuanian? Verbling’s got you. You can further break down your options based on your schedule. Apart from putting a cap on your budget, you can also seek Russian tutors specifically for subjects like test preparation, grammar development, accent reduction, or even interview preparation.

Each Russian learning teacher has their own bio section in their profile, alongside their available slots, the average number of lessons per student, resume reviews, and ratings “badges”. These fun little icons have been granted by students, highlighting notable teaching features such as “Business Expert”, “Great for Medical Professionals”, or “Tech Savvy”.

Best features of Verbling:

  • Vast choice of tutors with different specialization backgrounds.
  • Free 30-minute trial lessons.
  • Flexible payment plan where you can choose to pay for a single lesson or more lessons at a lower price.
  • The Verbling platform hosts every lesson. The built-in classroom is equipped with a variety of tools to practice your skills. With the permission, you can record your lessons.

Prices: For Russian tutors, lessons average at $17 and can range from $4-$75.

5. Classgap

Classgap is another cool website to find experienced online Russian tutors that will customize each lesson according to your learning needs.

You can browse the profiles of myriads of teachers, providing you with their resumes, availabilities, student reviews, and spoken languages. Most teachers offer a free 20-minute trial lesson for you to test the waters before committing to future lessons.

Classes are held within Classgap virtual classrooms. The classroom offers you every online gadget you might need for your lesson. Specifically, this includes video conferencing, a digital whiteboard, an online document editor, Google Drive, and YouTube integration.

Best features of Classgap:

  • Flexible payment system with the ability to pay in bundles or per lesson.
  • Possibility to cancel lessons eight hours in advance.
  • Money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with your first lesson.
  • Class Group’s multiple-choice and speaking test to determine your Russian level. It takes under 10 minutes to complete it.

Prices: Rates start at $7 per hour. You will notice that most Russian tutors fluctuate between $9-15.

6. Russificate

Online language school, Russificate

Russificate is an international language learning school sustained by professional Russian tutors online, offering both individual and private lessons. You can read testimonials of student experiences from around the world, scan teacher CVs and watch their short introductory videos.

First of all, what I really love about Russificate is the abundance of Russian courses they offer you. Specifically, beyond the classic Russian lessons, you can explore courses touching upon Russian history, culture, science, and literature. For example, there is a course on Ancient Russia, the Silver Age of Russian poetry, Slavic mythology, a storytelling workshop, and Russian in the tourism industry. The choices are truly endless, with each course specifying the number of hours it includes, the required fluency level, and cost.

Best features of Russificate:

  • Flexible online lessons via Skype.
  • Possibility to follow individual or group lessons.
  • Learn Russian or practice your Russian through courses on literature, science and art.
  • TORFL exam preparation. Possibility to take the TORFL exam online.
  • Separate cheap webinars focusing on homework, academic exam preparation or specific language topics.
  • Free 70 multiple-question test to see where your Russian proficiency level stands.

Prices: Russian conversation practice sessions of 20 minutes start at €5.5, with bundled lessons. Non-specialized lessons start at €8.50. Specialized courses are priced from €14.50. Group lessons begin at €5. Webinars range from €5 to €7.50.

7. RU Land

Russian group classes RU Land

RU Land has been a household name for quite a while in Russian online tutoring. While personalized and flexible Skype lessons are their main trade, you can also choose from a couple of other specialty courses.

For instance, there is an online beginner course on learning 20 common speaking patterns. Otherwise, you can try out the 90-minute comprehensive group courses, delivered by Nika, Vera, or Anastasia. There are three groups, each one focusing on a different proficiency level, packed with specific grammar and vocabulary learning goals.

If you are looking to develop your Russian conversation skills quickly, RU Land also offers an intensive two-week speaking course. The course entails communicating via WhatsApp with Nika. You would be either elaborating on a topic of discussion, describing pictures, or retelling videos. Your practice sessions would run from Monday till Friday, involving two sessions per day.

Packages of video lessons, on the other hand, are available for purchase on certain grammar and vocabulary topics. During these pre-recorded lessons, Nika will present to you the topic in detail and provide you with multiple examples. At the end, you will have the opportunity to practice through various exercises.

Best features of RU Land:

  • Both one-to-one and group lessons. Four people in each group can progress through an A2 level.
  • Affordable video lessons for a job or an exchange program that zero in on specific topics.
  • Possibility of speaking practice through the intensive course, for speakers from A1 to C1 proficiency.

Prices: Packages of 16 group lessons are offered at $320. The Russian-speaking patterns course costs $30 while you can purchase the intensive speaking course at $40.

8. MGU Russian

Learn Russian on MGU Russian

MGU Russian is a language school offering online lessons that are equivalent to the Russian learning courses that you can take at Moscow State University (MSU). The Russian tutors you will meet online are from MGU, which is one of the most respected institutions in Russia. The school has been operating since 1990, catering to businessmen, expats, and Russian language enthusiasts.

The language school offers language experience packages or standalone lessons. You can choose from the Group Basic, Group Intensive or private lesson packages, based on your learning pace and style.

Best features of MGU Russian:

  • Intensive Group course (20 lessons weekly lessons lasting 45-minutes) to quickly improve your Russian. Otherwise, the Group Basic package includes only nine 45-minute weekly sessions.
  • After completing eight sessions, an MSU language certificate is issued that can be turned into college credits.
  • Lessons can take place on different online platforms, meaning flexibility is key.
  • All study materials are included in your purchase.

Prices: Group Intensive lessons span from €125 to €140 a week. Group Basic lessons cost €65 or €75 a week, while private lessons cost €16 per session.

9. Rype

Language tutors on Rype

We all get caught up in busy times where squeezing in hour-long language lessons becomes extra hard. If you would prefer digestible 30-minute lessons with your Russian tutor online, Rype is the website for you.

Rype handpicks each tutor, recommending to you tutors based on your fluency target and availability. As Rype also highlights on their website, following lessons with consistency each week is key to advancing quickly.

Every Russian tutor will be screened by the site, ensuring high-quality and custom learning, without sacrificing affordability.

Best features of Rype:

  • Flexible membership use, possibility to utilize your pre-paid lessons with different online Russian tutors.
  • While vetted by Rype, each teacher uses their own material and method. You are actually encouraged to try different teachers until you find the right one.
  • You pay in bundles which works as a motivator to stay committed to your learning.

Prices: Prices depend on membership plan. For a six-month subscription, it starts from $59.99 monthly for 8 lessons/month.

10. Amazing Talker

Amazing Talker Russian tutors

Amazing Talker is another excellent hub where students can learn Russian with pre-vetted Russian tutors online.

Following the classic interface of tutoring websites, you can specify the time that suits you best and the specialization of your tutor. For example, that could be Russian grammar, Russian for academic study, conversational Russian, or Russian as a hobby. On their profile, each teacher has a detailed bio on their teaching approach as well as a short introduction video.

What really stands out with Amazing Talker is the screening and training process that tutors undergo. Candidate tutors must possess teaching experience or relevant qualifications, pass an interview and a trial lesson. They also receive additional support, through training to sharpen their communication and teaching skills.

Best features about Amazing Tutors:

  • User-friendly tutoring website.
  • Affordable Russian lessons by thoroughly checked and trained language tutors.
  • 25-minute trial lessons offered at discounted rates.
  • Lessons last 50 minutes and take place on Zoom.
  • Opt to pay for only one lesson, five or 10 lessons, and get a lower rate. No need to stick to long-term memberships.
  • An AI search system can recommend Russian tutors that fit your needs best.

Prices: Rates vastly vary from teacher to teacher. From a quick scan at their site, you can find Russian tutors from $11 to more than $25 per 50 minutes.

11. Liden & Denz Language School

Liden & Denz Language School

Liden & Denz is a renowned language school located in Saint Petersburg, having expanded to other Russian cities as well. Apart from offering you full language experience packages, with accommodation, visa support and weekly lessons at their language centers, group or private lessons with Russian tutors online are also on the table.

The full-time group courses involve four daily lessons from Monday to Friday, spanning 3h 40mins each day. If you need to learn Russian quickly, these international crash course groups can be ideal for you. Lighter full-time group lessons are offered with only three daily lessons, lasting 2.5 hours. Not in a hurry? Part-time group lessons two or three times a week lasting 1h 40mins might do the trick for you instead.

Best features of Liden & Denz Language School:

  • Each student has access to more than 800 self-study materials and exercises.
  • Online activities such as Speaking Clubs for cultural immersion and to complement your main course.
  • TORFL exam preparation. Exam can be taken online.
  • Option of full Russian immersion experience by traveling to St Peterburg. Choose to follow classic Russian lessons, or combine them with an internship, an archeological summer camp, or volunteering.

Prices: The full-time group courses begin at $175 per week. Part-time lessons span from $58 to $89 per week. Private lessons begin at $45 per hour, becoming cheaper if you buy them in bundles.

12. Educa Language School

Educa Language School

Educa is another reputable Russian language learning school located in Saint Petersburg. The school has been specialized for years in offering full immersion packages to foreign students. This would include handling accommodation, visa support, providing multiple weekly Russian lessons during your stay, and planning cultural excursions. The school has been also offering online private lessons, guaranteeing access to experienced native Russian tutors online.

The school offers courses on general Russian from total beginners to advanced learners, integrating aspects of Russian culture, from painting, ballet, architecture and music. There are also online courses that focus on business Russian or TORFL exam preparation, depending on your needs and level.

Lessons take place at the Educa built-in videoconferencing platform, where you can easily access study material provided by your teacher as well as the recordings of previous lessons.

Best features of Educa Language:

  • Experienced teachers working with over 1000 students from 60 countries each year.
  • In-built classroom without the need to download extra platforms. All material and exercises can be found in one place.
  • Opportunities to expand your Russian learning by visiting the language center. You can explore their full immersion course or try one of their internships.

Prices: Private online lessons offered at €21, €23, or €24, based on the number of courses you purchase.

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