10 Best Websites to Find Korean Tutors Online

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Are you a K-drama or K-pop enthusiast? Planning to travel to Korea soon? Or are you a polyglot looking to expand your linguistic arsenal? Whatever your reason is for learning Korean, I’m sure you want to go beyond the classic annyeonghaseyo and kamsahamnida. And one of the best ways to get there is by finding Korean tutors online.

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Why look for Korean tutors online

You may be wondering, why get a Korean teacher when there are so many resources for learning Korean online? My own journey of learning Korean has taught me that while self-studying with mobile apps, books, and podcasts is great, Korean language tutors will take you to the next level. Here are some benefits of having Korean teachers online:

Korean tutor online

Personalized lessons: While online Korean lessons and courses give you structured learning, these are crafted for a larger audience. On the other hand, having one-on-one lessons with a private Korean teacher means you get lessons that fit your learning goals and learning style. Plus, you get instant feedback, guidance, and correction.

Improved conversational skills: Most language learners will tell you that they feel fluent when they’re able to hold a decent conversation with native speakers. A Korean tutor will get you speaking more and more with each session, coaching you with pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary along the way.

Convenience and flexibility: Finding Korean tutors online is as easy as downloading an app. There are plenty of Korean websites with flexible schedules and affordable rates. No need to leave the house; you only need a laptop or a smartphone and tools like Zoom or Skype where most lessons are conducted.

Convinced? Now it’s time to look at the best websites where you can find Korean teachers online.

Best websites to find Korean tutors online

1. Italki

italki korean tutors

Strengthening one’s conversational skills is what makes Italki one of the best ways to learn Korean. This language learning website connects 5 million language learners with over 10,000 teachers who teach various languages.

You can choose a professional Korean instructor or a community tutor based on your goals. All teacher profiles include introduction videos and reviews from other students. You can filter based on price, availability, and other languages the teacher can speak. Some tutors enable instant booking, meaning they can accept your lesson request immediately.

With Italki, you need to only pay per lesson and at the price that meets your budget. If you want to dip your toes first, you can book a discounted trial lesson. And because Italki also has a mobile app, you can literally take your lessons anywhere.

Once you’ve booked a tutor, that’s when customized learning begins. You can discuss your learning goals with your Korean teacher so he or she can tailor fit the lessons for you. One-on-one lessons are done on video call, typically Skype.

What I like about Italki:

  • There are lots of available Korean teachers in the platform.
  • The filters are very helpful in choosing a teacher that meets your requirements and learning objectives.
  • Great flexibility in terms of schedule, rates, and even the type of learning method (i.e. casual, structured, or advanced)
  • User-friendly app

Price: Varies, but typically costs between $15 to $20/hour. Teachers set the rates. Try it now.

2. Preply

Preply Korean tutors

Like Italki, Preply connects learners to online tutors around the world. But what sets Preply apart is that it connects you to tutors who teach different subjects, languages, or hobbies.

Preply has professional online tutors and native speakers from 185 countries and about the same number of Korean tutors as Italki’s. All tutor profiles are verified and you can take Korean lessons online at your preferred schedule at rates that fit your budget.

To find a tutor, use filters to narrow your search: where the tutor is from, languages he/she speaks, specialties (i.e. business Korean, TOPIK, conversational Korean, etc.), rates, and schedule. Using all available filters will save you time in searching for a suitable tutor and ensure that you select one who can best help you reach your goals. You can even send a personal message to your selected tutor if you need to clarify some details before making a decision.

The first lesson is paid separately and can even be refunded if the tutor does not suit you well. For the next lessons, however, you will be asked to choose among packages of 5, 10, 15, or 20 hours to continue learning.

If like me, you enjoy structured learning, Preply is for you. There are learning plans to improve your speaking and vocabulary but ultimately, you can discuss your learning goals with your tutor.

What I like about Preply:

  • A wide selection of Korean tutors online
  • Easy process of selecting and booking a tutor that matches your preferences
  • Great for both beginners and intermediate learners
  • The option to learn other subjects aside from languages

Price: Costs depend on the rates set by the tutor but typically range from $15 to $30. Try it now.

3. Live Lingua

Korean tutors on Live Lingua

If you’re looking for handpicked Korean tutors online, Live Lingua is worth considering.

To start learning Korean on Live Lingua, you will be connected to your ideal tutor after a quick quiz that determines your learning goals, fluency level, and learning style. Your tutor will then make a personalized program for you, one that’s set at a pace you’re comfortable with.

Live Lingua believes that reaching fluency requires immersion so tutors are encourage to not just teach language but also culture, which will add context to your Korean learning. You can also take a free 30-minute lesson to get familiar with your tutor.

What I like about Live Lingua:

  • You can choose between standard Korean lessons or an exam preparation program.
  • Regular progress reports are given after every 20 hours of lessons.
  • Flexible lesson duration lets you choose how long you want your next lesson to be: 30 mins, 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours.

Price: The first 1 to 9 hours cost $29. If you buy 40 hours or more, the cost drops to $24,99. You can check this pricing structure.

4. AmazingTalker

Korean tutors on Amazing Talker

Another excellent source of Korean lessons online is AmazingTalker, which boasts 80 languages, over 4500 teachers, and more than 500,000 learners.

To select an online tutor, filter your options based on specialty (i.e. conversational Korean, Korean grammar, etc.), languages spoken, and rates. AmazingTalker doesn’t require teaching degrees from its tutors but prior experience is required. This means you will be getting one-on-one lessons from an experienced tutor.

AmazingTalker also has a recommendation system in which you will answer some basic questions and get tutor matches. These Korean tutors will tell you about their lessons, teaching styles, and materials so you can have a better picture of their offerings before choosing a tutor. You also only pay per lesson. Lessons are done through Zoom on your desktop or mobile device.

What I like about AmazingTalker:

  • Comprehensive tutor profiles. You get to know your teacher before you decide to book a class.
  • Profiles show the number of sessions a teacher has completed so you can easily find someone with extensive experience.
  • Ease of use
  • Plenty of package options and reasonable prices

Price: On average, Korean sessions cost $10 to $30 per hour. However, rates vary by tutor’s nationality, experience and popularity.

5. Verbalplanet

Korean tutors on Verbal Planet

Definitely consider Verbalplanet when looking for Korean tutors online. This site features customized lessons with native speaking Korean language tutors from around the world.

Booking a lesson is pretty easy. You can choose Korean teachers online by availability, price, profile, feedback from previous students and much more. You can also ask questions before booking.

Verbalplanet boasts of ultimate flexibility. You can pick lesson times according to your availability. All class times are displayed in your local time regardless of where you or your tutor are located, and you can easily reschedule lessons if you have to.

Lessons are tailor-made and you get instant feedback. Your teacher will evaluate you on your fluency in each core language skill and focus on areas of difficulty if needed.

What I like about Verbalplanet:

  • Plenty of help in making an informed decision. You can sign up for a trial class and get a free learning plan before booking.
  • Many tutors offer loyalty discounts based on cumulative bookings.
  • You can book individual lessons or a complete Korean language course
  • Valuable and rapid feedback based on the CEFR

Price: Varies per tutor but 45-minute sessions may cost anywhere from $15 to $30.

6. Verbling

Verbling Korean tutors

Boasting over 10,000 online teachers, Verbling is another awesome site if you’re looking for Korean tutors online. The company requires its teachers to be native speakers or at least have C2 fluency level so you’ll be conversing with a teacher who knows the language inside and out.

You can choose a Korean tutor based on location, languages spoken, rates, and schedules. Verbling can also utilize machine learning to suggest a teacher for you. You can progress through existing courses or ask your teacher to create a curriculum for your needs.

But my favorite thing about Verbling is its integrated platform – everything from scheduling classes to taking the lesson takes place right in your browser. Verbling Video, its built-in classroom setup, allows you and your teacher to upload files, message each other, and review vocabulary together. No need to download or install any app!

What I like about Verbling:

  • Personalized Korean course based on your needs
  • Integrated platform that doesn’t require additional downloads
  • Report cards after lessons, badges to unlock, and certificates at every milestone show your progress while also motivating you.

Price: $15 to $30, depends on tutors and lessons. We recommend that you book the 30-minute free trial first.

7. MyLingoTrip

Korean lessons on MyLingoTrip

Offering lessons that follow CEFR standards, MyLingoTrip is an amazing site if you’re looking for Korean tutors online. What makes it special is that you can choose between one-on-one lessons or pair up with your friend, colleague, or partner for lessons in a group of 2.

MyLingoTrip hires only native Korean speakers. Expect that by the end of the course you’ll understand Korean grammar, master reading, writing and be able to speak comfortably.

Another great thing about MyLingoTrip is that you don’t have to commit to paid lessons right away. You’ll start with a free trial lesson to assess your fluency level, learning goals, and difficulties. You will be matched with a suitable Korean tutor who will create a personalized lesson plan for you.

After completing your trial lesson, you will be able to choose between bundle options of 10, 15, and 20 hours. Each lesson is scheduled to last 60 minutes and done via Skype. Once you complete a course, you will obtain a certificate of completion.

What I like about MyLingoTrip:

  • Quick and easy scheduling and rescheduling
  • Free introductory lesson
  • The ability to get lessons for two
  • Affordable and fixed hourly rates (depending on level)

Price: Depending on the level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2), packages cost $16 to $22.

8. Tutoroo

Find Korean tutors on Tutoroo

On Tutoroo, you can find Korean tutors online and offline. The company currently offers in-person Korean lessons in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Sydney but online private lessons are available for anyone worldwide.

To get started, you can pick your tutor from over 130 Korean tutor profiles sorted by location, gender, popularity, rating, signup date, and price. All tutors are native speakers. Wait for the Tutoroo team to contact you to introduce you to your tutor.

There is no minimum time commitment. You can book Korean tutors for however short or long you want. If after the first lesson you have your reservations about the tutor, whether it’s a matter of suitability or punctuality or any other reason you should have, you will not be charged for this first class and Tutoroo will recommend a new tutor.

What I like about Tutoroo:

  • The availability of the tutor is readily visible in the profile. It even lists down how many students he/she can accommodate at any given time.
  • Wide selection of native Korean tutors online
  • Ease of use and flexibility in scheduling lessons

Price: Varies depending on tutor

9. TakeLessons

Korean lessons on TakeLessons

TakeLessons started out in 2006 as a site for music lessons but has grown to offer lessons on dance, acting, and language. It offers both in-person and online lessons to over 2 million students. All lessons are live, interactive, and customized.

Find your Korean teacher based on location, availability, gender, and rates. Teacher profiles indicate the levels he/she teaches, education, experience, certifications (if any), languages spoken, and reviews from other students.

Profiles also indicate if the teacher has been background-checked or if he/she is a favorite among other students. You can also easily see what times in the morning, afternoon, or evening a teacher is available. A pretty useful feature when you’re planning out your learning schedule.

What I like about TakeLessons:

  • Easy and hassle-free booking system
  • Background checked teachers
  • Comprehensive tutor profiles

Price: The average cost of 60-minute Korean lessons is $41. The exact cost will vary depending on the teacher, type of lesson, and location, but expect to spend between $25 and $55 per hour.

10. Wyzant

Language tutors on Wyzant

Like Tutoroo and TakeLessons, Wyzant lets you find Korean tutors online or near you. The site has both native Korean speakers and non-native but certified instructors. Aside from the standard Korean lessons, SAT, Hapkido, and Taekwondo lessons are also available.

You can compare qualifications, hourly rates, and reviews to find the right Korean tutor for you. Lessons are done via Wyzant’s free, browser-based online learning tool.

You only need to pay per lesson and only after your lesson. This is great if you’re not ready to commit to a tutor. Plus, your first hour with a new tutor is protected by Wyzant’s Good Fit Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your lesson, you don’t pay.

What I like about Wyzant:

  • Ability to choose both Korean tutors online and near you
  • It gives suggestions on subjects related to Korean so if you decide to study martial arts later, you can.
  • Competitive pricing

Price: Varies, but typically cost $35 – 55 per hour on average. Find a tutor now.

And there you have it! With this list of websites to find Korean tutors online, you’re now ready to take your Korean language learning journey to the next level. Getting lessons from online Korean tutors may cost more than apps or books but improving your conversational skills makes it worth every cent.

Make sure to check out this list of Korean resources to help you on your language learning journey. Happy learning!

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