10 Best Apps to Learn Icelandic Quickly in 2022

Icelandic, or “Íslenska”, is a West Nordic language originating from the country of Iceland. Spoken by 350,000 people worldwide, the archaic language is rich with history, culture, and deeply-rooted insights from its home country.

That being said, there are plenty of reasons to study Icelandic, the most prominent being that it’s linguistically pure. This means that you’ll pick up words that are completely unchanged and unique to Iceland!

Girl use apps to learn Icelandic

To get fluent quickly, here are the 10 best apps to learn Icelandic: 

Top picks

  • Get conversational in Icelandic quickly with Pimsleur
  • Grow your Icelandic vocabulary with Drops

Best apps to learn how to speak Icelandic 

Since Icelandic has a distinct manner of speech and pronunciation, you’ll need to put in a lot of practice.

But don’t fret, because all that hard work will be worth it. By building your conversation skills, you’ll get to express yourself fully, socialize with other speakers, and uncover new insights into the local scene—a complete win!

With that, here are the best apps to pick up conversational Icelandic:

1. Pimsleur

Learn Icelandic on Pimsleur

Try Pimsleur Icelandic absolutely FREE today

Pimsleur is undeniably the best place to learn Icelandic online, as each lesson is designed to build your fluency. Containing 30-minute audiobooks, digital flashcards, and speed round games, you’ll get a kick out of your daily sessions. 

Pimsleur Icelandic Level 1 features 30 lessons that tackle the subjects of essential vocabulary, grammar, and conversation skills. Thorough and intensive, you’ll be encouraged not only to listen but to sound out the different words and phrases you’ll hear!

Should you be a beginner or a pro, this well-produced course will surely immerse you into the language.

Why learn Icelandic with Pimsleur:

  • 30-minute daily audio lessons with a reading booklet
  • Develop reading, speaking, and listening skills based on authentic conversations
  • Boost your learning with digital flashcards and speed round games

Pricing: Subscribe to Pimsleur at $14.95/month for Audio-Only; $19.95/month for Premium (with Bonus Materials), or $20.95/month for All Access! Try it free here.

Devices: iOS and Android

2. Optilingo

Optilingo app to learn Icelandic

Learn Icelandic on Optilingo

Optilingo will teach you popular phrases and words to get you chatting with native speakers! In brief 20-minute lessons, you’ll learn how to listen, pronounce, and repeat phrases with ease.

Skip memorization and learn the natural way. Based on fluency, this app will help you analyze language patterns—such as greetings, responses, self-expression, and casual conversations—in order to develop an in-depth understanding of Icelandic.

Coupled with a hands-off mode and offline content, overall, this audio-visual program will get you speaking Icelandic real fast!

Why learn Icelandic with Optilingo:

  • Curated 20-minute speaking lessons (for 5 days/week)
  • Tackles speech, high-frequency words and phrases, and basic language patterns
  • Uses a relaxed spaced repetition system

Pricing: Optilingo’s annual subscription is priced at $5.99/month. Check it out!

Devices: iOS and Android

Best apps to grow your Icelandic vocabulary 

Keep the conversation going with these amazing Icelandic vocabulary apps! Not only will you master the common words and phrases, but soon enough, you’ll also get the hang of day-to-day conversations.

3. Drops

Drops app to learn Icelandic

Learn Icelandic on Drops

With their long-winding texts and clunk interfaces, sometimes, learning a new language can get so boring.

However, Drops offers an experience that’s one-of-a-kind. Unlike other platforms, this is the best free app that will teach you Icelandic vocabulary and word association in a dynamic, colorful, and playful way!

Interact with its beautifully-animated interface, and review using its intuitive testing system. Composed of flashy, bite-sized games, you’ll never get tired of learning with Drops!

Why learn Icelandic with Drops:

  • Learn 2,000+ Icelandic words and phrases with an audio guide
  • Easy and interactive lessons centered on vocabulary
  • Playful and game-like interface

Pricing: For 5-minute daily sessions, Drops is free. Upgrade to the Pro version here for unlimited playtime! 

Devices: iOS and Android

4. Label Icelandic

	 Label Icelandic - A complete course

Learn Icelandic on Label Icelandic

Perfect your grammar with Label Icelandic, a full and easy-to-follow course that will guide you through the basics. 

Fit for beginners, it contains four exercise categories to help you master different skills, namely: Theory Reinforcement, Vocabulary I and II, and Translation. Furthermore, using its audio voice-over feature, you can also practice your pronunciation as you go!

All in all, this app makes a finely-tuned grammar add-on to your studies. Academic, intuitive, and focused, Label Icelandic will ensure that you’ve understood all your lessons before proceeding to the next level.  

Why learn Icelandic with Label Icelandic:

  • Full access to 51 grammar-focused lessons from beginner to advanced
  • Contains grammar tables, a personal glossary, and a random-exercise system
  • Can be used offline

Pricing: In a single purchase of $2.99, you’ll get to access its complete and ad-free Icelandic course!

Devices: iOS and Android

5. Clozemaster

Learn Icelandic on Clozemaster app

Learn Icelandic on Clozemaster

A “cloze test” is a type of language assessment used to gauge your understanding of context clues. If you find this to be an interesting learning method, then perhaps, Clozemaster is the tool you’re looking for!

Learn by yourself or play with friends. This app is packed with games, quizzes, and various media. Through its dynamic and competitive system, you can level up your Icelandic skills as you please!

No matter if you place as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, this app makes a great complement to your study materials. 

Why learn Icelandic with Clozemaster:

  • Interactive content, such as the Cloze Test, Fluency Fast Track, “Most Common Word” lists, and the like.
  • Game-like lessons centered on fluency and understanding
  • Designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners

Pricing: Clozemaster is free! To get extra features, sign-up for Clozemaster Pro at $8/month.

Devices: iOS and Android

Other apps to learn Icelandic for beginners

Rather than jumping head-first into complex lessons, it’s important that you first study the basics. After all, Iceland’s alphabet is unique in itself, so I recommend getting the right foundation on vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation beforehand.

Check out these top apps for Icelandic beginner lessons:

6. Mango Languages

Learn Icelandic Mango Languages

Learn Icelandic on Mango Languages

Mango Languages is a stunning newcomer that keeps your studies easy. What’s special about this app is that it uses a color-coding system to help you recognize language patterns. 

It’s a good place to start learning vocabulary, grammar, and dialogue, as it’s equipped with daily personalized review sessions to keep you up and about! 

Light, practical, and accessible, with Mango Languages you’ll have a decent app for beginner lessons. Paired with its self-recording feature, you’ll sound like a native in no time at all.

Why learn Icelandic with Mango Languages:

  • Learn common words and phrases with daily personalized review sessions
  • Record and compare your speech with a native speaker
  • Study grammar with its special color-coded system

Pricing: Mango Languages offers Icelandic at $7.99/month.

Devices: iOS and Android

7. Learn Icelandic. Speak Icelandic. Study Icelandic. By Bluebird Languages

Learn Icelandic on Bluebird Languages

Learn Icelandic on Bluebird Languages

Customize your study space with Bluebird Languages. Containing 2,000 pre-recorded lessons, you can handpick the content most applicable to your current job, skill-level, and learning goals—keeping it real and personal!

In just a 30-minute session, you’re bound to pick up some vocabulary, grammar, and conversation skills. Be it from high-frequency words to sentence construction, “Top 100 Verbs” to their conjugation—with this app, you’ll get a little taste of everything!

For added convenience, it even has a hands-free integration, as well as streaming via Google Home and/or standard TV. 

Why learn Icelandic with Bluebird Languages:

  • Access to 2,000 pre-recorded lessons (each with a 15-45 minute duration) and quizzes
  • Track your progress with its spaced repetition learning system and statistics
  • Balance of reading, writing, listening, and speaking tutorials

Pricing: It’s free! In-app products start at $9.99/item.

Devices: iOS (multiple languages) and Android (Icelandic course only) 

8. Memrise

Learn Icelandic on Memrise

Learn Icelandic on Memrise

Make some memories with Memrise, a community-based platform created for both beginner and advanced learners! While they don’t have an official Icelandic course, you’ll still gain access to various learning content, games, and flashcards that span all skill levels.

Whether you prefer streaming audio-visual content or reading through the forums—in any case, you’ll be immersed into life-like contexts of reading, writing, and speaking the language!

Since these are mostly user-made, just be sure to evaluate each lesson’s reviews.

Why learn Icelandic with Memrise:

  • Access to 50,000+ audio and video clips for both beginner and advanced learners
  • Community-based system to learn how to read, write, and speak Icelandic
  • Loaded with language courses, games, and flashcards

Pricing: Memrise is free! Get Memrise Pro at $8.49/month.

Devices: iOS and Android

Apps to find Icelandic tutors

Conquer your weaknesses and strengthen your resolve with a language instructor.

Apart from personalizing your lesson plan, having an Icelandic tutor also gives you the chance to ask your questions and practice conversations! By arranging regular sessions, you’re bound to improve significantly.

Start looking for a teacher in these Icelandic tutoring apps:

9. italki

Find Icelandic tutors on italki

Find Icelandic tutors on italki

Learning with a native speaker is one way to level up your studies. 

italki offers you the choice between community and professional teachers. This way, you’ll either get the chance to converse with a native Icelandic speaker or conduct intensive tutoring sessions with an expert!

Simply explore their broad range of introduction videos and reviews, and select the one you prefer. On top of that, new users get discounted trial lessons! 

Why learn Icelandic with italki:

  • Choose between community tutors and professional teachers
  • Host sessions in the italki Classroom or Skype
  • Affordable lessons that you can pay as you go (no packages/bundles)

Pricing: Icelandic tutors on Italki set their own rates, so this varies largely. Sign up here to check the rates.

Devices: iOS and Android

10. Preply

Preply tutors

Find Icelandic tutors on Preply

Preply makes learning easy by giving you a virtual classroom, where you can regularly conduct online 1-on-1 sessions. 

Feel free to practice your speech, specify your study goals, or simply consult them about certain topics! And, if you’re not satisfied after your first lesson, the app comes with a tutor replacement guarantee.

There might not be many Icelandic tutors on Preply compared to other languages, but you might just meet your perfect match with the tutors available.

Why learn Icelandic with Preply:

  • Browse through different profiles (with a tutor replacement guarantee)
  • Affordable and personalized lessons, purchased in 6, 12, 20-hour bulk packages upfront
  • Host online sessions in the Preply Virtual Classroom

Pricing: Icelandic tutors on Preply set their own rates, so this varies largely.

Devices: iOS and Android

FAQs about learning Icelandic

Is Icelandic easy to learn?

Icelandic is a Category 4 language, meaning that it’s difficult for English speakers. Due to its archaic vocabulary, lengthy words, complex grammar, and distinct pronunciation, most people would find this hard to learn. 

However, this shouldn’t hinder your interest! After all, this language carries a deeply-rooted history and culture that’s just interesting to know.

Where is Icelandic spoken?

Icelandic is primarily spoken in Iceland. With a total of 350,000 speakers, you can also find this language spoken in other countries, such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, and the United States.

Flag of Iceland

Why should you learn Icelandic?

Should you be a scholar or traveler, there are several reasons to learn Icelandic!

For one, it’s a very old language that carries a lot of historical and cultural insight. In fact, because Iceland is geographically distant from other countries, Icelandic has hardly changed since its conception, and barely loans words. 

I say take the opportunity and learn!

What is the best app to learn Icelandic?

Mango Languages and Pimsleur offer great Icelandic courses, in the order of beginner and intermediate-level study.

If you’re a new student, Mango Languages will establish your foundation through quick vocabulary, grammar, and speaking lessons. Through its color-coded system, you’ll learn based on patterns instead of memorization, which is a total plus!

Pimsleur, meanwhile, will help advance your studies through its conversation-focused course. With 30-minute core audio lessons, as well as interactive flashcards and games, you’ll develop fluency in an authentic and well-structured manner.

Is Icelandic on Duolingo?

No, Icelandic isn’t on Duolingo at the moment. However, if you’re looking for a similarly game-like learning experience, then Clozemaster is a close (if not better) contender!

With its popular “Cloze Test”, quizzes, and competitive lessons, its dynamic interface will keep you entertained through every skill level. If that’s not enough, you can even compete with friends!

Is Icelandic on Rosetta Stone?

Unfortunately, Rosetta Stone or Babbel don’t offer Icelandic. To get a comparably in-depth learning experience, I suggest using Pimsleur or Bluebird Languages

Centered on your speaking and listening skills, Pimsleur will get you fluent using its naturally immersive learning system.

On the other hand, Bluebird Languages will let you balance various vocabulary, grammar, and dialogue lessons through its abundant pre-recorded content.

What is the best way to learn Icelandic?

There are only limited apps for learning Icelandic, so it’s best to be resourceful! By combining different materials based on your needs, you’ll bring up your current skill level more efficiently and effectively.

First and foremost, aim to memorize the Icelandic alphabet. This will greatly improve your reading and speaking skills while you tackle the basics. 

In addition, you can use Icelandic learning books. Also, get a language tutor on italki and Preply to properly identify your strengths and weaknesses, as you progress to more advanced lessons.

Apart from these apps, you can also use the following resources to lift your learning spirits:

  • Icelandic Online: Authentic and immersive language courses developed by the University of Iceland.

Do you know other great apps to learn Icelandic? Share it in the comment box below!

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