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13 Best Apps to Learn Farsi and Master the Persian Language

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Persian is spoken by about 70 million native speakers and another 40 million speak it as their second language. It also used to be the cultural lingua franca in South Asia. Want to know more about this side of the world? Learning Persian will prove helpful.

Studying Farsi or Persian gives you access to a diverse culture that has produced world-famous epic poems, architecture, music, and of course, the world-renowned Persian rugs.

If you’re interested in learning this language, the best way to get started is by downloading some apps. While there isn’t any Farsi course on Duolingo or Babbel, you can still find plenty of great apps to learn Farsi.

For all you brave explorers out there looking to explore Iranian culture through its language, I have compiled a list of 13 apps that can help you learn Persian!

Mosque in Yazd, Iran

Top picks

There are many apps to learn Farsi but these are the ones that I found particularly helpful:

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty, shall we?

Fun and interactive apps to learn Farsi

Mastered the Persian alphabet? It’s time to move to the fun stuff.

Build your Persian vocabulary, peek into Persian grammar, and learn to write and read Farsi. These are some of the best Farsi learning apps available out there.

1. Mondly

Learn Farsi with Mondly

Learn Farsi on Mondly

Mondly is designed to help you learn Persian quickly and easily by immersing you in the language using voice-guided lessons and conversational practice sessions.

You’ll learn core vocabulary and grammar quickly through games and quizzes that make learning Persian interesting at any level. You can learn words, form sentences, and confidently speak Farsi in no time. It even teaches verb conjugations!

With the Farsi learning app, you get free lessons daily. However, it’s worth upgrading to premium for access to even more content: Here’s a Mondly promo for you!

Why you should try Mondly:

  • Improve your Farsi vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation
  • State-of-the-art speech recognition
  • Listen to conversations between native speakers

Pricing: Free lessons daily. Mondly Premium offers complete access.

Devices: iOS and Android

2. Drops

Learn Persian with Drops app

Learn Farsi with Drops

Drops is a mobile app focused on helping you build your Farsi vocabulary. Its addictive and fast-paced micro-games use beautiful illustrations and animations. You’ll learn Farsi words that are practical in real life.

Drops demand just five minutes of your day, perfect for casual and busy learners. Play each day, and you’ll have thousands of Farsi words under your belt in time to come. Start today.

Why you should try Drops:

  • A full focus on vocabulary
  • Ideal for casual learners
  • Minimalist and aesthetically-pleasing

Pricing: Free for five minutes a day. Upgrade for unlimited playtime.

Devices: iOS and Android

3. Ling Persian

Learn Farsi with Ling App

With Ling Persian, you can learn basic conversational phrases in just ten minutes a day using interactive games that take place entirely on your phone.

You don’t have to worry about memorizing vocabulary lists or grammar rules; they’ve done all the work to convert lessons into puzzles, games, challenges, and quizzes.

Have fun learning Persian as you match words, sort phrases, and tackle other activities. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or you’re already pretty fluent and want to learn advanced Persian or brush up on your knowledge, this app has you covered!

Why you should try Ling Persian:

  • Fun games to learn Persian
  • Chatbot for conversation practice
  • Courses for all levels of fluency

Pricing: Plenty of content on the free version. Upgrade to the Pro version for more lessons. It costs $4/month on the yearly plan.

Devices: iOS and Android

4. Learn Farsi Persian by LuvLingua

6. Learn Farsi Persian by LuvLingua

Learn Farsi with Learn Farsi Persian

Luvlingua’s Learn Farsi Persian is an easy way to learn the basics of Farsi by immersing yourself in language learning with fun games and activities.

The app takes beginners through the essential words and phrases while building their foundation for future success. Easy, intuitive lessons teach conversational phrases sorted by categories. Basic grammar structures are also covered to help you construct your own sentences.

It has 200+ lessons, complete with a phrasebook and high-quality audio by native Farsi speakers.

Why you should try Learn Farsi Persian by LuvLingua:

  • Variety of games with different styles
  • Caters to both visual and auditory learners
  • Fosters the retention of Farsi vocabulary

Pricing: Plenty of free games and sets. Option to upgrade ($2.99/month) to unlock all content.

Devices: iOS and Android

5. Rosetta Stone

Learn Farsi on Rosetta Stone

Learn Farsi with Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a language learning program with over 25 years of success. The app teaches you Farsi words in context, so you can easily understand what they mean and how to use them correctly.

Rosetta Stone believes that beginners shouldn’t get stuck with the Persian script. Rather, master the basic sounds and learn to speak Farsi, before going back into the script. This way, you’ll progress much faster!

The lessons on Rosetta Stone range from 5 to 10 minutes each and focuses on frequently used words and conversational phrases you might need in real-world situations. It can be accessed both from the app and desktop. Sign up now.

Why you should try Rosetta Stone:

  • Established and reputable program
  • Learn Farsi words and phrases in context
  • Become a confident speaker

Pricing: From $7.99/month. Find the latest Rosetta Stone Farsi promo here.

Devices: iOS and Android

Best apps to learn how to speak Farsi

Some of the aforementioned apps will undoubtedly teach you how to speak Farsi.

However, if your main focus is learning conversational Persian as fast as possible, then the two apps below are particularly ideal for you.

6. Pimsleur

Pimsleur Farsi

Learn Farsi with Pimsleur

Pimsleur is a well-known audio course that is fantastic for beginners in Farsi.

The Pimsleur Farsi course is designed for English speakers. It takes you from the basics of saying hello to speaking about family, dining at a restaurant, and converting currency at the money exchange office.

By using this audio-based method, you will build your Farsi vocabulary quickly and easily. You’ll also learn to read the Persian alphabet, with the correct pronunciation and accent.

Here’s an offer for you: Try Pimsleur Farsi absolutely FREE today!

Why you should try Pimsleur:

  • Quick and easy 30-minute lessons
  • Audio lessons can be downloaded for offline use
  • Based on the effeive and proven Pimsleur Method

Pricing: Pimsleur subscription is $14.95/month for Audio-Only; $19.95/month for Premium (with Bonus Materials), or $20.95/month for All Access.

Devices: iOS and Android

7. Mango Languages

Learn Farsi on Mango Languages

Learn Farsi with Mango Languages

Learning Farsi can be hard if you don’t have access to native speakers and are isolated from the culture of your target market.

Mango helps to bridge this gap virtually. Its audio lessons teach you real-life conversations with native speakers so that you can speak like a local.

You’ll also get cultural context so you know how what you’re saying fits into everyday life in Iran.

Why you should try Mango:

  • Learn Farsi through conversations
  • Includes grammar and culture notes
  • Clickable words for articularted narration

Pricing: It has a 14-day trial. After that, Mango Languages cost $7.99/month for a single language.

Devices: iOS and Android

Basic apps to learn the Farsi alphabet

The Persian alphabet is a great place to start. The two Farsi learning apps below are simple but they do the job!

8. Persian Alphabet

Learn Persian Alphabet app

Learn Farsi with Persian Alphabet

Learning to read and write the Persian alphabet can be a difficult task for beginners. However, it’s a must to tackle before building your Farsi vocabulary.

This simple app helps you learn how to read and write Farsi letters quickly. The application is designed in an easy-to-understand manner, so even absolute beginners can start learning from day one.

However, note that audio is not available, which restricts the potential of this app.

Why you should try Persian Alphabet:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Straightforward and no-frills
  • Suitable for absolute beginners

Pricing: Free!

Devices: Android

9. Lili & Lola. Persian Alphabet

Lili and Lola Persian alphabet

Learn Farsi with Lili & Lola

Learn the Persian alphabet with Lili and Lola in this colorful mobile app designed for kids that’s helpful for adults as well.

On this app, you’ll trace your finger as you draw each Persian letter. Commit the shapes into memory as you practice both the upper and lower cases of the alphabet.

The game starts with the whole Alefba (Persian alphabet) so you will also learn the order of the letters as you make their way through the game.

Why you should try Lili & Lola. Persian Alphabet:

  • Ideal for both kids and adults
  • Incorporates cute characters
  • Beautiful graphics and animation

Pricing: Free!

Devices: iOS

Basic apps to learn Farsi grammar & vocabulary

The apps here are down the list because I find them to be rather basic as compared to the apps in the previous two sections. However, they still offer valuable content to learn Farsi and are free to a certain limit. As such, it’s worth checking them out.

10. Learn Persian Free by InnovationApps

Learn Persian Free by InnovationApps

Learn Farsi with Learn Persian Free

Learn Persian Free is essentially a simple app that contains over 9,000 common Persian words and phrases – with audio to boot!

It’s organized into categories such as time, clothing, and weather. You can test your knowledge by trying out the quiz game for each category. The best part? You can access it offline!

Why you should try Learn Persian Free:

  • Learn 9000 common Persian words and phrases
  • App is well-organized into categories
  • Includes audio and quizzes

Pricing: Free!

Devices: Android

11. WordPower Learn Persian

Wordpower Learn Persian app

Learn Farsi with WordPower Learn Persian

Learn Persian while on the go with this free mobile app. It comes preloaded with 100 essential Persian words and phrases to help you out when traveling to Iran. It’s accompanied by cultural insights and acts as a mini travel guide.

This app has audio recordings of a native speaker so you can grasp the proper pronunciation. On top of that, you’ll see the spelling and translation of each word.

Why you should try WordPower Learn Persian:

  • Learn the 100 most common Persian words
  • Audio for listening practice
  • Custom flashcard settings and personalized word bank

Pricing: The free version comes with 100 words. Upgrade for $9.99 for 2000 more.

Devices: iOS

Apps to find Farsi tutors and teachers

Want to have Persian lessons or chit-chat sessions with native Farsi speakers? Yes, there are apps for that as well!

It’s highly recommended to find a Farsi tutor to aid your learning journey. On top of getting personalized instruction and building your conversational skills, you get someone to motivate you and keep track of your progress.

12. italki

Find Persian tutors on the Italki app

Learn Farsi with italki

On italki, students from around the world connect with Farsi tutors for affordable one-on-one online classes or conversation sessions.

The best part about italki is the choice it offers. You can choose your Farsi tutor based on their introductory videos and reviews. You can even choose long each session should last, and where you’d like it held (eg. Zoom or Skype). You pay per lesson, so you don’t have to bother with subscriptions or packages.

italki offers new users trial lessons at discounted rates, so try out a few Farsi tutors to find one (or two!) that best meets your needs.

Why you should try italki:

  • Affordable Farsi lessons
  • Large variety of Persian tutors
  • Get conversation practice and make new friends!

Pricing: Most tutors charge between $7-12 per lesson, though it goes as low as $4 per lesson!

Devices: iOS and Android

13. Preply

Find Farsi tutors on Preply

Learn Farsi with Preply

Similar to italki, Preply has a community of native Persian speakers who love helping others learn their language.

This platform allows you to search through a database of over 50 Persian tutors, read reviews from other students, and schedule lessons online with your favorite teacher.

All of these make finding the perfect Persian tutor fast and easy!

Why you should try Preply:

  • Get customized Farsi lessons
  • Expert tutors with verified profiles
  • Flexible lessons online

Pricing: Most Preply tutors charge between $10 to $20 per hour. Find a tutor now.

Devices: iOS and Android

Learn Farsi: FAQ

Riding a motorbike in Iran
My brother and I cruising on the streets of Tehran on a motorbike!

What is the best app to learn Farsi?

Mondly, Drops and Ling are fantastic for growing your Farsi vocabulary, while the Pimsleur audio course is great for building your conversational Farsi skills. Let’s not forget Rosetta Stone, which is highly reputable for its comprehensive courses.

Why use apps to learn Farsi?

Apps offer an interactive and convenient way for people of all ages to learn the basics of the Farsi language. In addition to learning vocabulary words, these apps also teach grammar concepts and sentence structure in a fun way that will have you speaking like a native speaker in no time!

Is Farsi on Duolingo or Babbel?

No, Farsi is not on Duolingo and Babbel. For the gamified experience that both apps offer, try Mondly or Ling.

What’s the difference between Farsi and Persian?

English speakers around the world frequently refer to the Iranian language as Farsi, but native speakers themselves call it Persian. In other words, they both refer to the same language. However, do take note that the word Persian can also allude to Iranian culture and history, but not the word Farsi.

What languages are spoken in Iran?

Iran is a country with many languages. The most common of these are Persian (Farsi) and Azeri. On top of that, Kurdish, Arabic, Luri, Azerbaijani, and many other languages and dialects are spoken in the country.

In which countries are Farsi spoken?

Farsi is spoken by over 100 million people. It’s the official language of Iran. It’s also spoken in Afghanistan and Tajikistan, and parts of Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Russia, and Uzbekistan.


While by no means considered an easy language to learn, Farsi is also not that hard to learn.

That said, you can’t rely on apps alone to learn Persian. For a well-rounded learning experience, get access to good Persian books and tutors while supplementing your lessons with mobile apps.

You can also immerse yourself in more Farsi content by listening to podcasts and watching Iranian films. Learning languages can be fun and it’s definitely the case with Persian!

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