12 Best Apps to Learn Vietnamese Quickly (2024)

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Vietnamese, or Tiáşżng Việt, is a Southeast Asian language spoken by 76 million native speakers. It’s rich with several dialects, spanning the breadth of Vietnam’s Northern, Middle, and Southern regions. 

While this language may be challenging to newcomers, know that it’s very rewarding to learn, given the amount of culture, history, and local insights you’ll gather along the way.

With that, here are the best apps to learn Vietnamese quickly.

Girl use app to learn Vietnamese

Top picks

There are several Vietnamese learning apps in the market. But I recommend jumpstarting your learning journey with one of these:

  • Have fun and interactive lessons with Mondly 
  • Get conversational quickly with Pimsleur
  • Grow your Vietnamese vocabulary with Drops 
  • Find affordable Vietnamese tutors on italki and Preply

Overall best apps to learn Vietnamese

Be it reading, writing, or speaking—you’ve got a lot headed your way, once you start learning Vietnamese.

Fortunately, new developers have created several engaging language platforms to keep you on your toes, whether you’re a beginner or a pro! 

Packed with games, pop quizzes, and exclusive audio, check out these interactive apps to learn Vietnamese

1. Mondly

Mondly Vietnamese

Learn Vietnamese on Mondly

Mondly curates your lessons into different categories—ranging from basic vocabulary to conversation—in a fun, short, and neatly packed manner.

Best for beginners, this platform allows you to easily track your progress through its statistics and multinational leaderboard. Talk about motivation!

The app has great coverage on reading and writing skills, but what’s special about Mondly is its Hands-Free interactive audio format. Simply speak into your device, and its automated system will provide you feedback as you advance into the lesson. How awesome is that? 

Why learn Vietnamese with Mondly:

  • Trackable statistics and achievement leaderboard.
  • Superb speech recognition and audio quality.
  • Several gamified lesson categories, with emphasis on Vietnamese words and phrases.

Pricing: Users get one free lesson a day. But with Mondly premium, you’ll have full access to all learning resources. Here’s the latest offer!

Devices: iOS and Android

2. Ling Vietnamese

Ling Vietnamese

Learn Vietnamese on Ling

Learning a new language comes with everyday practice—and luckily, Ling makes that all fun and games!

Keeping its material light, fresh, and educational, the app was created to facilitate 10-minute daily sessions through minigames and flashcards. 

If you’re looking for a quick way to study the Northern dialect, then this is the app for you! All in all, its friendly and dynamic interface will help you breeze through your lessons with ease. 

Why learn Vietnamese with Ling:

  • Teaches word association, sentence construction, and basic grammar through interactive minigames and flashcards.
  • Chatbot option to practice dialogue.
  • Courses for all fluency levels.
  • Bonus! Supplementary Vietnamese blog for extra lessons.

Pricing: The Ling App is free! But for additional content, I highly recommend getting the Pro version at only $7/month. 

Devices: iOS and Android

3. Pimsleur

Learn Vietnamese on Pimsleur

Offer: Get free 7-day access to Pimsleur Vietnamese

The “Pimsleur method” is a well-known approach to teaching new languages—that is, through immersion rather than memorization—and you’ll be glad to know that Vietnamese is one of them!

Adapting the Hanoi (Northern) dialect, Pimsleur currently offers a beginner level focused on vocabulary, grammar, reading, and best of all, speech. Its Vietnamese lessons have a special emphasis on correct pronunciation, which only adds to its charm!

If you want to develop your speaking skills, this is—by far—one of the best places to get started!

Learn more about Pimsleur with this in-depth review.

Why learn Vietnamese with Pimsleur:

  • Proven “Pimsleur Method” with a focus on speech and understanding.
  • Hands-free 30-minute audio lessons (with correct pronunciation).
  • Review using flashcards and games.

Pricing: Pimsleur subscription is $14.95/month for Audio-Only; $19.95/month for Premium (with Bonus Materials), or $20.95/month for All Access. Try it free here.

Devices: iOS and Android

4. Duolingo

Duolingo Vietnamese

Learn Vietnamese on Duolingo

An educational favorite, Duolingo is pretty popular among learners, new and old. With that, it’s no surprise they’ve come up with a Vietnamese language course!

Using the Northern dialect, Duolingo teaches by its standard of game-like lessons, course leveling, and repetition-based learning. 

Although some users have commented on its poor accentuation and lack of structure, it’s still a lively app to develop Vietnamese skills quickly!

Why learn Vietnamese with Duolingo:

  • Playful and interactive lessons.
  • Incentivized rewards and achievement system (for consistent practice).
  • Long-term language retention.

Pricing: Duolingo Basic is free (with ads and limited Hearts). Duolingo Plus starts at $6.99/month.

Devices: iOS and Android

5. LingoDeer

Lingodeer Vietnamese

Learn Vietnamese on LingoDeer

The hidden gem of Vietnamese language apps, LingoDeer provides a surprisingly thorough lesson plan, which has earned the praise of many!

LingoDeer helps users develop a structured foundation of the Northern dialect, as it’s equipped with detailed guides, lesson categories, and an easy-to-navigate UI. What’s more, the app’s high-quality audio makes it as though you’re learning straight from a native speaker!

Complete with speech exercises and 5-minute quizzes, you’ll surely have a blast learning with this app.

Why learn Vietnamese with LingoDeer:

  • Various learning categories (being the second-longest LingoDeer course).
  • Clear and well-spoken audio.
  • Intuitive quizzing system, paying more attention to fluency than memorization.

Pricing: Monthly access starts at $14.99/month!

Devices: iOS and Android

Best apps to build Vietnamese vocabulary

Never underestimate the power of good vocabulary! Not only will this ease your understanding of grammar and speech, but learning this can also bring you closer to the local scene. 

With that, here are the best apps to build Vietnamese vocabulary

6. Drops

Drops Vietnamese

Learn Vietnamese on Drops

A vocabulary go-to, Drops has a stunning interface that just draws you in!

Pairing beautiful visuals with interactive lessons, this app aids your memorization of Vietnamese words and phrases in a distinctly colorful manner.

This is simply a great start for new learners, if not an exciting game to sneak in! Complete with an audio guide, you can also explore its word lists, which span numerous conversation topics. 

Why learn Vietnamese with Drops:

  • Daily 5-minute lessons (in free version) with audio narration.
  • Playful visuals paired with intuitive lessons. 
  • Extensive vocabulary lists, spanning 2000+ Vietnamese words and phrases.

Pricing: Drops are free for 5 minutes a day. For access to unlimited playtime, get the Pro version. Check out the latest deals here.

Devices: iOS and Android

7. Simply Learn Vietnamese by Simya Solutions

5. Simply Learn Vietnamese by Simya Solutions

Learn Vietnamese on Simply Learn Vietnamese

The name speaks for itself! If you’re looking for an easy lesson plan, or if you’re just aiming to travel, then Simply Learn Vietnamese can give you a head start.

Master the language quickly using its phrasebook, quizzes, and downloadable audio—which you can whip out easily on your device, and at any point of your trip! The app includes both Northern and Southern dialects, giving you that extra dose of learning. 

Why learn Vietnamese with Simply Learn Vietnamese:

  • 300+ free Vietnamese phrases and words recorded by a native speaker.
  • High-quality audio with adjustable speed.
  • Repetition-based quizzing and flashcard system, equipped with learning analytics. 

Pricing: It’s a free app! To enrich your learning, in-app purchases start at $0.99/item.

Devices: iOS and Android

Apps to learn how to speak Vietnamese

Vietnamese is a tonal language, meaning that you need to use the proper pronunciation to be understood. That being said, it’s important that you practice your speech at all costs!

The following are the best places to learn how to speak Vietnamese, and you’re probably familiar with some:

8. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone app

Learn Vietnamese on Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a popular name in the language game—and for a great reason. 

The platform is jam-packed with many learning tools, such as its offline Audio Companion, TruAccent speech coaching, and core lessons to continuously test your skills, and push them to the next level.

Practice makes perfect! Designed to mimic real-life dialogue in the Hanoi dialect, both its vocabulary phrasebook and stories feature also help polish your conversation skills while integrating key lessons. 

Interactive, immersive, and well-paced, overall, Rosetta Stone is a good place to build your confidence. 

Why learn Vietnamese with Rosetta Stone:

  • Better for advanced speakers.
  • Equipped with a phrasebook, stories, and Audio Companion.
  • TruAccent speech exercises and feedback (in the Hanoi dialect). 

Pricing: Starts at $11.99/mo for 3 months. Check out the latest discounts here.

Devices: iOS and Android

9. VietnamesePod101


Learn Vietnamese on VietnamesePod101

When studying Vietnamese, we recommend going straight to the source—and nobody does it better than VietnamesePod101! 

With audio and video lessons recorded by native speakers (as well as line-by-line breakdowns), you’ll get to practice your speech in a structured, enriching, and authentic manner. 

On top of that, with a Premium PLUS subscription, you can even arrange 1-on-1 sessions with your very own instructor. If anything, this is your greatest resource yet!

Why learn Vietnamese with VietnamesePod101:

  • Access to several resources, such as a Vietnamese-English dictionary, a Vietnamese learning blog, flashcards, ebooks, phrase lists (with audio), and more!
  • Podcasts recorded by native speakers.
  • Line-by-line breakdowns with a slowed-down listening feature.

Pricing: VietnamesePod101 has a 12-month Premium plan for $180 and the Premium PLUS plan for $316.

Devices: iOS and Android

10. Mango Languages

Mango Languages Vietnamese

Learn Vietnamese on Mango Languages

A surprising newcomer, Mango Languages has a unique, color-coding feature. Instead of boring you with the usual explanation, it segments grammar into colored blocks, in order to highlight speech patterns and give you a brand-new perspective!

Although this might fall short for advanced learners, beginners, on the other hand, will enjoy its light approach to language learning. 

Be it cross-country travel or simple conversation, this app will prepare you for the better!

Why learn Vietnamese with Mango Languages:

  • Record and compare your speech with a native speaker.
  • Color-coded grammar lessons.
  • Daily personalized review session.

Pricing: Get the Vietnamese course at $7.99/month.

Devices: iOS and Android

Apps to find Vietnamese tutors

Don’t be shy to seek feedback from professionals. After all, it’ll bring you a step closer to success!

Luckily, nowadays, you can easily enroll in online classes, to help polish your language skills. I recommend checking these apps to find Vietnamese tutors:

11. italki

Vietnamese tutors on italki

Learn Vietnamese on italki

Equipped with several profiles, reviews, and introduction videos, it’s easy to find your ideal tutor in italki.

The platform combines lessons from both community and professional instructors, thus allowing you to personalize your learning experience, either casual or professional! Furthermore, the italki Classroom is likewise very convenient for scheduling regular meetings.

As they say, practice is the key—and with italki, you’ll get to personalize your lessons, while you’re at it!

Why learn Vietnamese with italki:

  • Italki Classroom for 1-on-1 online learning.
  • Free choice between community tutors and professional teachers.
  • Good space to practice dialogue, grammar, and vocabulary.

Pricing: Rates start at $4/lesson, though most tutors charge more. New users get discounted trial lessons

Devices: iOS and Android

12. Preply

Preply app to learn Vietnamese

Learn Vietnamese on Preply

Come for the lessons, stay for the affordable rates! Another stellar platform, Preply allows you to select your preferred instructor from a wide pool of profiles and rates. 

In addition, you can reserve slots using its instant booking feature, and also get a tutor replacement (if you’re not satisfied with your first lesson).

For a custom-fit Vietnamese learning experience, know that Preply’s here to help, and to make it easy.

Why learn Vietnamese with Preply:

  • Host sessions in the Preply Virtual Classroom.
  • Instant booking function (based on your preferred timeslot)
  • Select from multiple instructors (with free tutor replacement guarantee).

Pricing: Rates begin at $4/hour, given that you’ll be purchasing 6, 12, or 20-hour packages upfront. You can look into its special bulk and student discounts.

Devices: iOS and Android

FAQs about learning Vietnamese

Where is Vietnamese spoken?

Vietnamese is spoken in its country of origin, Vietnam, by the majority of its population. Expect to see it in the media, education, and the like.

Moreover, Vietnamese minority groups, as well as some native Vietnamese speakers residing in neighboring countries (such as Cambodia and Laos), also speak the language.

Vietnam flag

Is Vietnamese easy to learn?

Vietnamese is moderately difficult for English speakers to learn. While you won’t have to relearn the alphabet, Vietnamese is a tonal language, and thus requires the proper pronunciation to be understood. 

The good news, however, is that its vocabulary and grammar are logical—so once you master speech, it gets simpler!

What is the best app to learn Vietnamese?

Pimsleur, Mondly and VietnamesePod101 are my top picks for learning Vietnamese.

Pimsleur has a deep focus on developing conversation skills. The Premium version also comes with flashcards, speed round games, and other bonus materials.

Mondly‘s interactive games and exercises simply make it very fun to learn Vietnamese in bite sizes every day.

Lastly, VietnamesePod101 is known for its authentically-recorded material and can guide you through speech, dialogue, and pronunciation.

Tutor platforms like italki and Preply are great for improving your speaking skills, too!

Is Vietnamese on Duolingo?

Yes, Vietnamese is on Duolingo and is taught through its standard game-based mechanics and audio components. However, some reviews have criticized the app’s lack of grammatical foundations, accentuated keyboard, and proper pronunciation. 

With that, you might want to consider trying out Ling or Mondly.

Is Vietnamese on Babbel?

Unfortunately, Vietnamese isn’t offered by Babbel at this time. But, if you’re looking for a similarly immersive and conversation-based platform, then Pimsleur and VietnamesePod101 are your best bets! 

Vietnamese flashcards

Why should I learn Vietnamese?

Vietnamese is the dominant language in Vietnam. So, if you’re an English speaker hoping to live, work, or travel there, learning this will certainly benefit you, especially if you plan on staying long!

Ultimately, this will pave the way for a better understanding of and engagement with their culture, history, and local scene.

What is the best way to learn Vietnamese?

As I’ve mentioned, Vietnamese is a tonal language; While it takes a combination of reading, writing, and speaking resources, you must pay extra attention to your pronunciation.

Start by deciding on the dialect. From there, you’ll get a better reference to the appropriate pronunciation (tones and vowels), grammar, and vocabulary. You can also get a Vietnamese learning book or listen to audio samples (such as Colloquial Vietnamese) to practice your dialogue.

When in doubt, try consulting native Vietnamese speakers, or get a tutor of your own!

Which Vietnamese dialect should I learn?

The Vietnamese official language and writing system are based on the Hanoi or Northern accent. However, your decision greatly depends on where you’re headed, as this will affect how you’ll understand and interact with the locals. 

That being said, here are the common dialects you’ll find: 

  • Northern – Hanoi dialect (accepted as the standard)
  • Central – Huáşż dialect or High Annamese
  • Southern – Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) dialect or Cochinchinense

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