13 Best Apps to Learn Hungarian for Beginners and Beyond

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Hungarian, or “Hungarian Magyar”, is a well-known Finno-Ugric language from the Uralic language family. To this day, it has 13 million native speakers from around the world, with 10 million from Hungary alone!

Found at the heart of Europe, the language is defined by its grammar and pronunciation, owing much of it to its rich and unique heritage. 

The Chain Bridge in Budapest, lit up in Hungarian flag colors

So, whether you’re planning on traveling to Hungary, or if you’re simply interested in this language, there are several resources from books to apps that can help kick-start your studies. 

Take a look at these best apps to learn Hungarian.

Top picks

Girl using an app to learn Hungarian

With several Hungarian learning apps out there, how do you know which one fits your needs? I recommend starting with these:

Fun apps to learn Hungarian

Hungarian is a bit tricky to learn when you’re starting from scratch. Without a foundation, you’re bound to get overwhelmed by its many rules and applications! 

Luckily, some platforms can help you get started with basic vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation rather easily—and without skipping out on the fun!

To start learning Hungarian, here are just a few fun and interactive apps for both beginning and advanced learners.

1. Mondly

Mondly Hungarian app

Learn Hungarian on Mondly

You’ll be glad to know that Mondly particularly excels in teaching Hungarian. With its user-friendly interface, you can choose between different course content—between vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation—and track your progress, as you level up!

Clean and crisp, Mondly will give you an easy start! Fit for beginners, you’ll get one free lesson a day, as well as special access to its Hands-Free integration. What more could you ask for? 

Why learn Hungarian with Mondly:

  • Different course levels with progress tracker and leaderboard.
  • Game-like lessons with high-quality audio.
  • Hands-Free format to practice speaking.

Price: Mondly is free for one lesson a day. But with Mondly premium, you’ll have unlimited access to all its content! Get the latest promo here. 

Devices: iOS and Android

2. Ling

Ling Hungarian app

Learn Hungarian on Ling App

Packed with mini-games, extensive vocabulary and grammar courses, and an interactive chatbot, Ling’s dynamic interface is simple to navigate, if not fun to play with! The app has enough content for beginner and intermediate students, making it one of the most accessible platforms out there.

Be it reading, writing, or speaking—Ling values consistency, presenting you with daily 10-minute sessions to further polish your skills. 

All in all, it’s a good platform to get started with, and one you should keep an eye on!

Why learn Hungarian with Ling:

  • Centered on Hungarian vocabulary, word association, grammar, and basic sentence construction.
  • Has beginner and intermediate courses.
  • Contains flashcards, mini-games, word quizzes, and an interactive chatbot. 

Price: Starting free, Ling also offers a Pro version at $7/month (paid yearly). Try it for free!

Devices: iOS and Android

3. Duolingo

Learn Hungarian on Duolingo

Learn Hungarian on Duolingo

For five minutes a day, Duolingo strives to teach you as much Hungarian as it could. 

While it isn’t the most thorough platform, its courses are engaging enough to sneak in your study sessions, every often. You’ll definitely learn a thing or two about grammar and sentence construction!

For long-term language retention, try Duolingo. Partnered with its fun achievement system, you’ll surely get a kick out of your daily streak.

Why learn Hungarian with Duolingo:

  • Playful, game-like format.
  • Achievement-based system with leaderboard.
  • Beginner lessons on reading, listening, and speaking. 

Price: Duolingo Basic is free (with ads and limited Hearts). Access more content with Duolingo Plus at $6.99/month!

Devices: iOS and Android

4. Clozemaster

Learn Hungarian on Clozemaster

Learn Hungarian on Clozemaster

As the name suggests, Clozemaster is the best of its trade! 

To build your understanding, this app teaches you Hungarian vocabulary and grammar using cloze tests, a type of fill-in-the-blanks assessment based on context clues. Developed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners, it’s packed with enough games and media to make it a great study supplement.

Track your progress, play with friends, and level up your skills—with Clozemaster, you’ll soon read, write, and speak Hungarian with confidence!

Why learn Hungarian with Clozemaster:

  • Engaging learning tools, such as the Cloze Test, Fluency Fast Track, “Most Common Word” list, and quizzes
  • Competitive system with leaderboard.
  • Builds language comprehension skills for beginners and advanced learners.

Price: Clozemaster is free. For advanced features, Clozemaster Pro is available at $8/month.

Devices: iOS and Android

Best apps to start speaking Hungarian

It’s no secret that Hungarian is very unique and intricate—to the point that it’s one of the most difficult languages to learn.

That being said, you’d probably want to polish your speaking skills, as this will not only culminate your understanding of vocabulary and grammar but likewise test your language recall.

Subscribe to a Hungarian speaking app and start practicing today!

5. Pimsleur

Use Pimsleur app to start speaking Hungarian quickly

Try Pimsleur Hungarian absolutely FREE

The Pimsleur Method has been known and proven to help newcomers master a second language—and with Hungarian, it only continues to be just as effective!

Focusing on conversation skills, the app provides you with core audio lessons for 30 minutes a day. Supplement that with flashcards and speed round games. Essentially, most of its lessons contain vocabulary, phrases, and common greetings you’ll observe in day-to-day situations! 

Take on the challenge and try Pimsleur for free today! Structured yet entertaining, the platform currently offers a Level 1 Hungarian course, suited for beginners.

Why learn Hungarian with Pimsleur:

  • Natural way of learning how to read, speak, and understand a new language.
  • 30-minute core audio lessons each day.
  • Best resource for learning how to speak Hungarian.

Price: Pimsleur subscription is $14.95/month for Audio-Only; $19.95/month for Premium (with Bonus Materials), or $20.95/month for All Access. Try it for free

Devices: iOS and Android

6. Glossika

Learn Hungarian on Glossika

Learn Hungarian on Glossika

With its natural sentence-based approach and spaced repetition system, Glossika can help you learn Hungarian quickly and effectively.

Glossika teaches you Hungarian by exposing you to thousands of sentences spoken by native speakers, which you can practice with until you master the language. You can work through the sentences at your own pace, and Glossika will track your progress and adjust the difficulty level accordingly.

Although not recommended as your sole resource, Glossika makes for a great tool if your goal is to hone your listening and speaking skills and expand your vocabulary.

Why learn Hungarian with Glossika:

  • Natural acquisition of Hungarian vocabulary and grammar
  • Spaced repetition-based lessons for longer recall
  • Strengthens your listening and speaking skills

Price: Subscribe to Glossika for $16.99/month. Or try it for free firstIf you’d like to support Learn Languages From Home, make sure to complete your purchase through the Glossika website (not the mobile app). You can sign up and use whatever platform you want, but if you make the purchase using the website, I make a small commission. Thanks!

Devices: iOS and Android

7. HungarianPod101

HungarianPod101 app

Learn Hungarian on HungarianPod101

If you’re an aural learner, then HungarianPod101 might be the platform for you, as it’s fully stocked with short audio and video lessons.

But if that isn’t enough, worry not! 

There are also flashcards, word lists, quizzes, slideshows, voice-recording tools, and more features that you can use. In fact, its lessons are curated to suit your current needs, whether it be reading, writing, speaking, or even cultural immersion.

Packed with enough tools and tricks up its sleeve, it’s one platform you shouldn’t miss out on!

Why learn Hungarian with HungarianPod101:

  • Dialogue-heavy audio and video resources.
  • Equipped with flashcards, word lists, quizzes, and slideshows to suit your needs.
  • Practice speaking like a native using its voice-recording tools and slowed-down audio.

Price: HungarianPod101 is free! 1-on-1 classes are available for the Premium PLUS subscription at $47.00/1-month

Devices: iOS and Android

8. Mango Languages

Learn Hungarian on Mango Languages

Learn Hungarian on Mango Languages

On the other hand, if you’re a visual learner, then Mango Languages is here to help.

Using its unique color-coded system, you’ll learn basic words, phrases, and sentence composition through lexical patterns, rather than lengthy explanations. In effect, you’ll gain a more authentic understanding of Hungarian vocabulary and grammar, which can significantly improve your dialogue!

Furthermore, with its daily personalized review sessions, you can consistently refresh your memory as you go. Paired with its self-recording feature, you’ll get the conversation going in no time! 

Why learn Hungarian with Mango Languages:

  • A visual approach to beginner lessons. 
  • Daily personalized review session.
  • Record and compare your speech with a native speaker.

Price: Mango Languages offers the Hungarian course at $7.99/month

Devices: iOS and Android

Top apps to build your Hungarian vocabulary

Say goodbye to boring lists and lengthy memorization tactics! Nowadays, there are plenty of fun and exciting platforms to help build your vocabulary, which you can easily install on your device.

Should you prefer games, core lessons, or community forums, these top Hungarian vocabulary apps have got you covered: 

9. Drops 

Learn Hungarian on Drops app

Learn Hungarian on Drops

Vivid, dynamic, and colorful—believe me when I say that Drops is stunning! 

The app pairs beautiful graphics with its lessons, tackling the basics of Hungarian vocabulary, grammar, and word association.

Add this to your study plan, and you’ll instantly feel refreshed! With clear audio and entertaining imagery, overall, the platform is well-equipped to give you a simple start.

Why learn Hungarian with Drops:

  • Fun games and beautiful visuals.
  • Teaches 2000+ Hungarian words and phrases. 
  • Beginner lessons with audio guide.

Price: For daily 5-minute sessions, Drops is free. Meanwhile, the Pro version comes with unlimited playtime.

Devices: iOS and Android

10. Simply Learn Hungarian

Simply Learn Hungarian app

Pick up basic phrases on Simply Learn Hungarian

Recorded from a native Hungarian speaker, Simply Learn Hungarian uses word lists, flashcards, and a fun language quiz to take you through the basics of vocabulary.

With 300+ free words and phrases and high-quality audio, as well as an adjustable speed setting, you can use this app anywhere, and for any situation—making it pretty useful for traveling!

All in all, you’ll have an excellent learning and translation resource right at your fingertips.

Why learn Hungarian with Simply Learn Hungarian:

  • High-quality audio recorded by a native speaker.
  • Spaced repetition learning system.
  • Equipped with quizzes, games, and flashcards with translation from Hungarian to English (and vice-versa).

Price: The app is free! Get in-app purchases starting at $0.99/item.

Devices: iOS and Android

11. Hungarian by Nemo

Hungarian by Nemo app

Learn Hungarian on Nemo

Another travel essential, Nemo Hungarian is determined to get you speaking Hungarian quickly.

You don’t need prior knowledge to learn with Nemo; Customized for beginners and above, the app has an extensive word bank, self-recording Speech Studio, and high-quality audio that’ll take you through your first steps.

It also has an offline mode—making it all the more practical for long-distance travel!

Why learn Hungarian with Nemo:

  • Travel-based word bank and grammar lessons for beginning, intermediate, and advanced learners.
  • Flashcards and review mode with translation (Hungarian to English and vice-versa).
  • Speech Studio accent training.

Price: Nemo is free. In-app purchases are $9.95/item.

Devices: iOS and Android

Apps to find Hungarian language tutors

Top up your lessons with a language tutor! Not only will they help you converse in Hungarian, but they can likewise customize your learning plan, and give you specific pointers for improvement.

Nowadays, you don’t even need to go to a classroom to find a tutor—by simply getting a language app, you can schedule online sessions and practice on the go!

Have a look at these best apps to find Hungarian tutors:

12. italki 

Hungarian tutors on italki

Find affordable Hungarian tutors on italki

To choose the best instructor, get started with italki, an affordable and accessible language-learning platform. With a broad range of community and professional teachers, you’ll get the chance to speak with native Hungarian tutors, and tackle personalized lessons. 

What’s more, italki gives you the option to pay as you go—meaning, you don’t have to avail of packages or bundles when purchasing lessons. Sweet! 

Browse tutors now, and you’ll be well on your way to mastering Hungarian.

Why learn Hungarian with italki:

  • Many community and professional tutor profiles to choose from.
  • Hold lessons in the Italki Classroom and/or Skype. 
  • Best place to develop conversation skills. 

Price: Lessons on italki start from $4, and new users can avail themselves of cheaper trial lessons.

Devices: iOS and Android

13. Preply

Find Hungarian tutors on Preply

Learn Hungarian on Preply

Preply makes finding an instructor easy. 

Just watch the different introduction videos, sift through their reviews, and select your tutor—and, soon enough, you can arrange your very own lesson plan. It’s that simple!

On top of that, Preply comes with a tutor replacement guarantee, if you’re not satisfied after the first session. 

Affordable, functional, and easy to use, without a doubt, you’ll get a lot out of Preply’s online classroom.

Why learn Hungarian with Preply:

  • Wide range of instructors and rates.
  • Great for practicing your speech. 
  • Hold online classes in the Preply Virtual Classroom.

Price: For Hungarian classes, the starting rate is at $16/hour (purchased in 6, 12, and 20-hour packages). To lighten the load, you may opt to get bulk or student discounts!

Devices: iOS and Android

FAQs about learning Hungarian

Where is Hungarian spoken?

Hungarian, or “Hungarian Magyar” is an official European Union language, primarily spoken in its country of origin, Hungary. 

Elsewhere, the language can also be heard in Slovakia, Romania, Yugoslavia, and other international communities, as it has 13 million native speakers!

Is Hungarian easy to learn?

Hungarian is hard to learn, especially for English speakers.

This is particularly because of its agglutination, or the linking of several prefixes and suffixes to convey different meanings. Moreover, its case system, sentence structure, verb forms, and pronunciation add up to its difficulty.

But don’t let this stop you!

Woman hold a "learn Hungarian language" board

Why should you learn Hungarian?

Despite how much you’ve got on your plate, learning Hungarian is indeed worthwhile!

For one, it’ll enrich your travels across Central and Eastern Europe, as several countries recognize it as a minority language. In addition, the language is rich with culture and history, and has made great contributions to the arts!

What’s the best app to learn Hungarian?

To learn basic Hungarian, Pimsleur offers a well-rounded course. By the end of it, you’re bound to pick up reading, writing, and most importantly, speaking skills. 

Should you want to extend your learning, Mondly, Ling, and Duolingo offer interactive lessons in bite-sized doses.

In any case, I suggest you also pair these lessons with a tutor from italki or Preply!

Is Hungarian on Babbel or Rosetta Stone? 

Hungarian isn’t offered by Babbel or Rosetta Stone at this time.

However, you can get Pimsleur to get a similarly thorough approach to the language. With core audio lessons and a consistent method of practice, this academically-backed platform will surely deliver on all accounts!

Is Hungarian on Duolingo? 

Yes, Duolingo offers a Hungarian course! It’s generally well-regarded by native speakers and learners alike and teaches by its standard of games and achievements.

However, should you prefer a more structured method, I recommend that you use Mondly instead.

Using a similar leaderboard approach, it covers various lessons—from beginner to intermediate—while giving you stronger foundations on reading, grammar, and conversation. What’s more, it also features a unique Hands-Free option for accent training and speaking practice!

Student holding a Hungarian flag

What’s the best way to learn Hungarian?

No single app is complete. Instead, you should strive to develop your reading, writing, and speaking skills by using different platforms and resources. Adding books to learn Hungarian is one way to dive deeper.

Perfecting your Hungarian requires a lot of grammar and pronunciation practice, so you must find apps that cater to these. Once you’ve developed those foundations, you may then level up your learning with the help of a tutor.

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